John Goodman & Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at my parent’s house, I remember being on the front porch with the cats and kittens, and then maybe I had to help my dad carry something into the house.

Once inside the house I looked down to see that several of the kittens like Arch, Pipa, Dawna, and maybe one or two of the others had sneaked into the house; and they were looking around trying to explore the house, and so I told my dad and we both laughed and wondered how did they sneak inside without us noticing and then I walked around picking them up to take them back outside.

It was silly and fun walking around carrying several of them at-a-time while trying to find the others wandering around the house, but I woke up as I was doing this as I tried to pick up one of them who was hiding behind some blackish colored rubber boots near the door.

Dream 2

This dream is unclear and confusing after waking up needing to use the bathroom and because my arm was itching from what looked like a small insect bite because it seems that maybe a mosquito bit me through my sweater while I was sleeping, and so now the dream does not make much sense.

All that I can remember of this dream is sitting in a dimly lit windowless room in a living room on a couch while I was using a computer to check my blog, someone who I assumed was a male with a username that sounded like it was from an official blog like The Daily Post except maybe his username started with No, commented on my blog and liked something on my blog.

I probably went to respond to his comment, I am not sure if I responded to his comment or not or what his comment was about, but I do remember getting distracted and replying to other comments; and then at some point I took a break to watch something on a television in the room as I sat on the couch.

The room was dimly lit and somewhat darkly decorated with carpets, it seemed like a large rectangular apartment or hotel room, and it was possibly decorated like something from the 1970s – early 1990s (including the appliances and furniture).

This is where things get so confusing that I am not sure if this is correct or not but I think that I was watching something on television that showed a dimly lit kitchen and dining room with a small bar-style seating area and island next to a small table, and two men and a woman returned from partying and getting drunk it seemed to sit and talk in the kitchen and dining room.

The first man was the actor John Goodman playing a shady character wearing light-orangish colored shades like his character Walter Sobchak from the film The Big Lebowski (which I have never seen) who sat at the bar-style island, the second man had whitish colored skin with medium-length dark-colored hair in maybe a 1970s hairstyle who sat at the dining room table, and the woman had whitish colored skin with long maybe brownish-reddish colored hair in a 1970s hairstyle who also sat at the dining room table; and they all were probably dressed in 1970s style clothing.

The colors on the television for this was a bit unclear and faded or however you should describe this, and it had that look of an older television show or film from the 1970s – early 1990s.

The woman was so drunk that she was barely there so John Goodman’s character and the other man did most of the talking, I remember Mr. Goodman’s character trying to get the other man and the woman to take a pill of a drug that sounded like it was a drug like Quaalude or some other drug that sounded like it was sometimes used as a date rape drug, and Mr. Goodman’s character was suggesting things to the other man that sounded like he possibly had date rape in mind for the woman.

This bothered me but I was not sure if that was what he was suggesting or not, and somehow they were in the same room as me because this was just one large rectangular open apartment or hotel room with several different rooms in this same open set up, and so I walked over to the kitchen and dining room that was on the right side of the living room where they were sitting to recommend that they not take this pill (drug).

I think that my suggestion was working because as I was walking back to the living room I heard the other man telling Mr. Goodman’s character things like: he did not think that it was a good idea, I do not know man, I think that I already had enough drugs for today, I think that alcohol is strong enough for me.

Mr. Goodman’s character was not happy about this, I went back to checking my blog because I got some new comments, but I was still sometimes listening and watching the situation involving the others to make sure that nothing bad happened.

The man from earlier with the somewhat official sounding username had made a negative comment where he was misunderstanding what I had said earlier and suggesting things that I had not said earlier, this annoyed me, and then I went to respond to his incorrect comment; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was not in the dream and it started during the day in a nice maybe unknown island country or one near water like Italy or somewhere like that, and it involved Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond on missions fighting against maybe terrorism.

At some point he was probably targeting a specific terrorist group or group who were almost like a rogue intelligence agency with a lot of resources, and this group decided that James Bond was a problem that needed to be eliminated because he was getting the way of their plans and probably terrorism around the world; and so they decided to kill him, and James Bond started hiding.

James Bond decided to fake his death in this unknown country by setting up a fake head that looked like his in some trees outside that were closer to the water and some homes and a sidewalk with some of his blood or DNA on it, and he hoped that the terrorist group would think that it was him briefly coming out of hiding to enjoy the outdoors in some trees that he was using as cover.

Mr. Bond’s plan worked and the terrorist group sent a helicopter to attack his fake head in the trees, the scanners on the helicopter detected the face as the face of Mr. Bond and they detected his DNA (the trees blocked you from being able to see if there was a body connected to the head or not), and a muscular bald man inside the helicopter with whitish colored skin wearing a dark-colored suit passed this information to his headquarters; and then they gave him the order to kill Mr. Bond, and so the helicopter shot one or more missiles at the fake head in the trees destroying it.

They assumed that Mr. Bond was dead and the helicopter left, the terrorist group celebrated in a secret underground facility and they spread the news about how they had killed Mr. Bond and their terrorist group gained a lot of respect from other terrorist groups for this, and then global terrorism started to increase rapidly without Mr. Bond around according to some charts that I saw in the dream.

Mr. Bond decided to continue enjoying everyone thinking that he was dead while he waited for the right time to attack the terrorist group that tried to kill him, I am not sure how long he waited but it was probably a few years, and at some point Mr. Bond decided to finally go after the group that tried to kill him.

I think that he somehow set up a meeting between the leader of the terrorist group who had tried to kill him and someone else, this someone else was probably him, and maybe he killed the leader of the group at this meeting; and sneaked away to leave the group confused, and then slowly take them out during this confusion but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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