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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I remember the dream taking place inside and outside of a one-story house-like building by a field, and an event was taking place there; and I was there with a lot of other people waiting on the event to start.

I remember waiting around inside the building and maybe sitting down sometimes as I waited, at some point it was time to start the event or it was almost time to start the event, because a group of people dressed as superheroes and supervillains walked outside to the field to film a comedy skit that was part of the introduction or part of the start of this event or something like that.

We followed them out to the field and there were some YouTubers among the superheroes and supervillains like Angry Joe (Joe Vargas), Other Joe (Joe Lopez), maybe some people from TeamFourStar, and maybe some people from Bat In The Sun; and there was a thin man, probably someone from Bat In The Sun, dressed as Spider-Man.

There was an artificial climbing wall in the field and they goofed around climbing this wall and maybe having a mock battled and doing other things like that, and at the end I remember the man dressed as Spider-Man jumping around and eventually being caught and carried down by a large tall muscular man.

The crowd probably cheered, they finished filming the skit, and maybe they announced the start of the event; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at what I assume was a college, I assume that I was a student there, and I had my own small dorm room on the left side of a hallway.

The college was designed like the D Junior High School with covered catwalks that connected to long rectangular one-story metal shotgun-style buildings with one long hallway with many rooms on both sides of the hallway, every building that I remember seeing was like this, and there was possibly even a casino-like place in one of these buildings.

There were dorms, classrooms, study rooms, recreational rooms, public bathrooms, a cafeteria, and more among the many rooms in the various buildings; and during the dream I walked around various buildings, rooms, and I went back and forth from my small dorm room several times during the dream but I can not remember if I went to any classes or not.

I remember wanting to possibly get to better know another student (possibly also a classmate) who was a woman with whitish colored or very light-brownish colored skin who always wore a headscarf (so I could never see her hair or hair color) who also wore long sleeves and clothing that covered her legs who was from another country (I am not sure where) and who spoke English with an unknown accent (I did not get to hear her talk enough to guess what kind of accent exactly) and maybe she looked and somewhat sounded somewhat like PA AM but I am not sure, she was possibly a follower of Islam but I am not sure, and there were other people from her country who lived in the same building as her; and several of them were women who were her dorm suitemates who also always wore headscarves.

There were some men from their country as well, some of whom were probably some of their brothers and other family members, but the men and women seemed to stay separated mostly; but the men would often not be too far away, and so the building that they lived in seemed to have mostly people from whatever country or countries they were from; and maybe all of them were followers of Islam, but I am not sure.

The woman who I was interested in getting to know better seemed nice (kind) and smart and soft-spoken, instead of just directly talking to her (maybe I said hello a few times, but not much more than that) I decided to use a very cautious approach just observing from a distance when I would see her around sometimes, and I tried to decide if or how I should try to talk to her or if it was even allowed for me to talk to her alone according to her culture or religion.

I think that I remember seeing how the woman’s name was written and how it was pronounced, I think that her name was written like Dacy, and was probably pronounced like Dah-See; but I could be wrong.

There was more to this dream that I can not remember but one thing that I do remember is walking around wearing my heather gray Old Navy pea coat, I remember walking through one of the buildings when I saw my former male classmate JB trying to open one of the dorm rooms, and he was wearing a grayish colored jacket that almost looked like a very short pea coat that was so short that it only came down to about past his chest and it was not double-breasted.

I somewhat jokingly told him that it was a nice jacket, it was clearly for his girlfriend and was one of those thin jacket-things (whatever they are called) that you wear over something else mostly for the look I guess, and he told me that it was for his girlfriend and that he was just returning it to her; and that he was wearing it as a joke, and we briefly talked before we said goodbye and went on our separate ways.

At some point it was about time for me to go eat at the cafeteria so I went walking to find it, I walked through a very dimly light small study room with rectangular tables and maybe some computers where the Dacy or the woman who I was interested in getting to know better was studying and hanging out with her female friends, and I came very close to stopping to talk to her; but I probably only said hello and maybe mentioned something about class, and I kept walking and thinking about going back to talk to her after eating at the cafeteria.

I remember seeing many people in a long cafeteria-like recreational room where you could eat, drink, talk, study, et cetera and some of my former classmates like my former male classmate JS was among the crowd; and they were celebrating New Year’s Eve and probably watching other people celebrate on a television mounted on a wall before going to the cafeteria, and I sat down to talk and celebrate with them briefly before going to the cafeteria.

While I was doing this Dacy or the woman who I was interested in getting to know better and some of her female friends entered the room, I watched from a distance, and I thought about finally going to talk to her; and maybe invite her and her friends to dinner in the cafeteria or somewhere else, and I would pay.

Inviting her alone would possibly not be allowed in her culture or religion but maybe inviting her and her friends together would be allowed, I felt that it was a less risky option but I would make sure to ask if it was okay or not, and that it would probably make things more comfortable for everyone; and we would probably all learn more about each other, and so I started preparing myself to walk over to talk to them and ask them or try to decide if I should ask them or not.

I felt that I had been too cautious so far and that I should not keep wasting time before it was too late, but I was also uncomfortable and scared and unsure et cetera like I normally would be so there was a standstill as I tried to decide what to do and tried to get myself to do it; and maybe I started to walk over to them, and maybe I started talking with them but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr


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