Dating Fiona Apple

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Dream 1

This dream was partly inspired by the fact that this morning in the real world the new washing machine and clothes dryer was supposed to arrive and be installed while I was still sleeping, and so this dream involved that.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I woke up in the dream in my bed and it was morning and my parent’s house was bigger than in real life, I heard two men talking to my dad further inside the house who were there to install the new washing machine and dryer, and so I tried to go back to sleep; and I also heard some voices of fictional unknown people including some children who sounded like they were in the living room.

As I was trying to go back to sleep the two men and my dad entered the bedroom room where I was trying to sleep, both of the men wore maybe blueish colored work uniform button shirts with blue jeans and blueish colored baseball-style work hats, and one of the men was somewhat large and maybe bald with dark-brownish colored skin and the other man had whitish colored skin.

For some strange unknown reason they needed to move my bed so I got out of bed and I moved my bed, they did something that I can not remember and then they left the room, and while I was standing there alone a fictional girl with dark-brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair that was braided with some colorful plastic beads entered the bedroom asking me some questions.

The girl was the strong independent somewhat loud and sassy type who was not afraid to speak her mind, she probably had strong body language and she probably had one of her hands on her hip as she spoke, and our conversation probably went something like this:

Girl: You live here?

Me: Yes.

Girl: Do you own this house?

Me: No, my parent’s own this house, this is their house.

Girl: How old are you?

Me: I told her my age.

Girl: Did you finish school (she was referring to college)?

Me: No, I went to college but I did not finish.

Girl: Do you have a job?

Me: No, not at this time.

Girl: So basically you are a failure?

Me: Yes.

Girl: You are too old to be still living with your parent’s and to not have a job and to have not finished college, we need to fix this now, I am going to talk to my aunt; and we are going to have to get you a job and get you back in college, and hopefully you will eventually get your own place to live. (Her version was not this nice, but I can not remember how she said it)

I can not remember what I said but I know that the girl left to talk to her aunt who was possibly in the living room, and later in the dream I saw the girl outside somewhere; and we talked again about her mission to help me get a job, return to college, and get my own place to stay but I can not remember the details.

I just know that she was probably going to keep bothering me until all three of those things happened like it was her own personal mission, and so I knew that I would be seeing her again soon; but that is all that I can remember of the parts of the dream with the girl.

At some point during the dream I was inside my parent’s house and I had several fictional brothers with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair, one of these brothers was a younger version of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and one of these fictional brothers was having an argument with our dad; and I remember my mom being near the argument.

For some unknown reason my other fictional brothers were also living at our parent’s house even though one of them was Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a rich and famous actor, and during the argument my dad got so angry that he told my brother who he was arguing with that he had to move out of the house; and then he said that all of my brothers and I had to move out of the house, my mom protested this, but my dad was still angry and did not change his mind (I felt that he would probably change his mind eventually).

I remember my brother DiCaprio saying that it was okay and that my other brother or brothers and I could join him and stay with him because he was going to get us a place to live, so we packed up some of our stuff, and we left in several automobiles; and it was daytime outside, and at some point we got stopped in the highway near the BB Grocery Store on Westside or on side of it by our parent’s who had followed us in my dad’s automobile.

We stood in or near the highway talking with them, we ended up having a positive conversation with our dad and he changed his mind and everyone apologized to each other, and then I remember my mom asking us if we remembered when they used to bring us here; and she pointed to an empty fenced-in field with some trees next to the BB Grocery Store on Westside.

It took me a moment to remember but suddenly I had memories and feelings of how this place used to look and of some of the times that my parent’s used to take me there when I was a kid, these memories were so realistic that when I woke up I am still not sure if they are real or not (probably not), and in the memories it was a small playground that you could reach by maybe walking across a land bridge past trees and maybe there was some water below the land bridge.

In my memories the look, the feelings, the clothing, the hairstyles, et cetera were realistic for those time periods; and I had feelings of enjoying the times that we went there, it seemed that some parent’s would bring their kids there sometimes in the mornings maybe, and so I saw other kids and their parent’s there in many of the memories.

I remembered so much that I was able to describe how things used to look, what things had changed, and when it got closed down and cleared out and the land bridge was destroyed and the water got filled in so it was gone now; and so now it was only a field with some trees, and I remember feeling excited from those memories and I was excitingly describing everything to the others but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream was probably partly inspired by me watching some live performances old and new of the song On The Bound by Fiona Apple on YouTube last night after this song played for the first time in a while when I was listening to music on my Mp3 player using the shuffle option as usual so that I can hear music played randomly.

I am not sure if I was myself or not in the dream and all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside of a one-story house that I assume belonged to Fiona Apple, in the dream Mrs. Apple had the habit of having short but very passionate relationships that she would abruptly end probably because she would get bored, and in this dream we were dating.

Most of the dream was a montage of us at her slightly dimly lit house involving our very passionate and physical relationship with a lot of sex, cuddling, et cetera around the house in different rooms; and the montage ended after one of the times where we had sex around the house that eventually ended in maybe a kitchen storage room or somewhere strange like that, and we were laying there probably naked and cuddling.

We looked and felt happy and content, Mrs. Apple was laying against me smiling, and then she told me that she was breaking up with me; and I was confused because things were going good, and she even said this while smiling and looking content as we laid there cuddling after just having passionate sex around the house.

I told her this and I asked her why, I think that she agreed that things were good but that maybe she was bored now and that it was time to move on to something or someone new, and I probably asked her to reconsider but she said that it was over.

We both agreed that we both had a good time and that we made some good memories together that we could look back on years from now and smile, I accepted the end of our relationship, and we continued laying there enjoying the moment until it was time for me to get up to pack up my stuff and leave but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a one-story shopping mall and I walked inside of a buffet inside the mall, and standing at the cash register where you pay before getting your food I saw a man who seemed to be the Christian Pastor and Bishop T.D. Jakes standing behind a woman who I assumed was his wife (Serita Ann Jakes) as she stood closer to the cash register while he stood back with a neutral facial expression.

I did not get a good look at the rest of the buffet restaurant because the entrance area did not give you a good view of it, the entrance area had slightly dim lighting and maybe reddish colored carpet, and this gave the entrance area a special look and created a bit of mood.

T.D. Jakes looked a bit bored or like maybe he did not want to be there but I could not read his neutral-negative facial expression, I said hello to him but he only nodded back so I did not get a close enough look at him and I did not get to hear his voice to confirm if it was really him or not; but I woke up as I waited for his wife to finish paying or whatever she was doing in front of the cash register.

The end,

-John Jr


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