Daily Prompts

( YAWN )

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called ( YAWN ), and this is what it said:

What bores you?

And this is my response:

I live a pretty boring life and so it can be hard to tell if I really get bored anymore or not, but my generic response to this would be that unnecessarily wasting time probably usually bores me.

The end,

-John Jr


11 thoughts on “( YAWN )

        • Did that link look like this Leigh Ann Page : https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.js ?

          If so, that is a bug and not a link from me, I reported it to the WordPress.com staff a few weeks ago and they confirmed that this is a bug; but they have not fixed it yet.

          I think that it is a bug that happens if you have ratings enabled on your blog (for posts, pages, and comments) where for some unknown reason(s) it shows that link under your comments in the notifications area, and that link leads to a page of gibberish that is probably data from their Polldaddy service that handles ratings and polls on our blogs.

          I hope that they will fix this, I reminded them about this bug a few days ago, and I am still waiting for an update on it.

          Thank you for letting me know about this, this confuses people and they think that it is a link from me, but it is not; and it also shows under other people’s comments who comment on my blog when I look at their comments in my notifications area.

          -John Jr

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        • Thank you very much for sharing how the link looks for your Leigh Ann Page; that may be useful later if the WordPress.com staff needs more information to help them figure out how to fix this bug. 🙂

          I just did a little experiment to see if I was correct about this bug involving ratings, I disabled ratings and this bug stopped happening, and when I enabled ratings again the bug starting back happening; and so I just contacted the WordPress.com staff with this updated information, and hopefully that information will help them to fix it.

          Thank you,
          -John Jr


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