A Military Academy / Military Base Gets Attacked

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I think that I was inside a building during the day trying to help my former male classmate JB find someone, maybe his family, and I remember him do his annoying smirk and smile and laugh and body movements et cetera that he used to do when stealthily making fun of you around other people; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

Now this dream was my favorite dream of the night and I wish that I could return to this dream, it was a very realistic dream that was like my mind simulating a situation so that I could practice and experiment with handling this kind of situation, and whoever the female soldiers was in this dream I would like to make her a permanent part of my dream security team because we made a great team; and like me, she was willing to fight to the death if necessary to defend others, and to clear the area.

This dream was an amazing and intense and suspenseful and mysterious dream experience where I was not sure if I would live or die, but I was doing my job and risking my life to do what I felt needed to be done and it was like being a hero in a realistic action film where one other person and I faced unknown threats alone while others hid in fear.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was not myself, I was a tall somewhat nerdy male military officer with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair, and I was the smart good-guy type moving up in the ranks with a lot of potential; and I probably only had combat training but not real combat experience, but I was still skilled at hand-to-hand combat and mêlée combat and ranged combat even though I was more of a strategist who had probably not yet got to apply those skills in real combat.

I think that the dream took place at a military academy for military officers that was possibly also a military base, something happened that I can not remember where it seemed that our military academy and military base got attacked by unknown threats that were possibly alien insect-like creatures and/or shadow insect-like entities, but it was not clear or probably even known for sure so it was a mystery even during the dream.

Whatever happened, it happened fast and by surprise leaving many missing and/or dead and separated military officers (I think that all the soldiers there were officers), and all of our highest-ranking officers were missing so some of the other soldiers and I were now the highest ranking soldiers left.

I was with a group of other nerdy military officers at the time when the chaos started, one of these military officers was an obese officer who looked somewhat like the actor Jonah Hill, and he was the most terrified; but so were most of the other military officers.

Event though I was among the highest ranking military officers left, we did not attempt to assume our leadership roles until would could confirm that we really were the highest ranking soldiers left or not, but all the other soldiers seemed to not be well-trained and none of them seemed to have real combat experience except for the only female soldier I saw.

Only this female soldier and I were willing to search and clear the area looking for the missing soldiers and the threats, she was a higher ranked officer like me, and the other soldiers were too afraid to help; and so they all went to hide to wait for backup to arrive, and the female military officer and I grabbed some guns and ammunition and we went to clear the area and search for our highest ranking officers and the other soldiers.

The female soldier was the only person who did not seem afraid and she was a tough average height woman (so she was shorter than everyone else) with whitish colored skin with long medium-dark colored hair wearing camouflaged combat fatigue pants and an A-shirt, and she seemed to have real combat experience.

We both had slings for all of our guns except for our service pistols which were probably holstered on our waists or thighs, we both had maybe blackish colored compact German HK assault rifles, but I also had a blackish colored pump-action tactical combat shotgun which she did not have.

Neither of us had any armor or shields, I was possibly wearing a complete combat uniform or semi-dress uniform so I was wearing more clothing than she was, and what she was wearing made her not look like a military officer; but looks did not matter, and we were on a life and death mission alone with no support or armor against unknown enemies possibly not from this world or physical realm.

This dream felt so real the sounds, the tension, the bit of fear, the mystery, the courage, the focus, the feel and weight of the guns and the gun slings, our tactics, and more felt so real except I probably could not taste or smell but I am not sure.

The female military officer usually took the lead even though I should because I was often using my shotgun because we were mostly clearing indoor areas in close quarters, I even told her this and she agreed, but she said that she liked to take point or take the lead; and so she only let me take point sometimes, she had more experience so that was not bothering me, but I was worried about her safety and I felt that the shotgun was better for the person taking point in these situations.

I would keep one weapon slung on my back or at my side and I would switch between them sometimes, I remember the female military officer and I communicating through hand signs and verbal commands and by reading each others movements, and we worked great as a team.

I remember us reaching a warehouse with lots of stuff where threats could hide and ambush us, this made things intense as we moved around in formation trying to clear it, and I remember seeing a larger than normal insect-like creäture or insect-like shadow entity moving strangely in the corner of my eye.

As I was turning to get a look at it, it seemed to have bent like a shadow being hit by light that bent into a pile of trash where it was hidden, and I remember running where I though that I saw it to search for it intensely; but the female military officer and I did not see it, and so I was not sure if I had been mistaken or not about what I thought that I saw out the corner of my eye.

The female military officer told me to calm down and that we should move from this area to search a narrow building that was connected to this building, we had only cleared a small part of the warehouse, but we both felt that it was safer and smarter to clear the narrow building first; and that area is also where some of the highest ranking military officers had some of their offices.

Most of the rooms or all of them were on the right side of the hallway and there were bathrooms, storage rooms, offices, et cetera; and so we had to go room-to-room carefully and quickly clearing each one (kicking in doors, checking corners, kicking in bathroom stall doors, et cetera), and this was fun and realistic and intense and scary because it was only two of us and we could have been easily ambushed.

I got to practice skills and ideas that I have learned and wanted to try from past dreams and from real life, this felt so realistic going around clearing the area that it was like this really was happening, and I had no idea that I was dreaming; and so I thought that this was real the entire time.

We were seeing no signs of the other military officers so it started to seem like we really were now some of the highest ranking military officers left, but we got interrupted by the arrival of reinforcements or backup; and they called for an emergency meeting of all the now highest ranking military officers, and so we walked to the meeting area which was in the building where the highest ranking military officers usually have their meetings.

I was walking around with a shotgun and an assault rifle slinged on my back and a pistol at my side, I tried to set the safety to off on all of them as we arrived at the meeting area, and I assumed that they would not let us into the meeting with weapons; and I remember the other military officers staring at us, they had hidden in fear as we had went out and actually did our job, and so they looked embarrassed as they saw the female officer and I returning alive and armed with several weapons looking confident and focused and determined.

I felt good and I really was not very afraid at all, even if I was it did not matter and I was going to do what needed to be done, and I felt that the female officer and I could handle almost anything; and it felt great to have someone like her watching your back, and that if we did die that it would have been an honor fighting by her side.

I was ready to have the meeting, come up with a plan, and get back to clearing the area and searching for the missing military officers as we try to identify the enemy and how to defeat them.

We reached the area outside the meeting room, there was a tall bald soldier with medium-brownish colored skin wearing a full combat uniform with probably some body armor holding his assault rifle who I recognized and he recognized me, and he was guarding the meeting room and verifying if you had permission to attend the meeting or not.

He told us that weapons were not allowed inside the meeting but that he knew and trusted me so he let us inside the meeting, but we had to make sure that we had the safety set on our weapons; and he noticed that one of my weapons only had the safety half-set (you could see half red and half back on the safety indicator) because I had rushed to set it earlier, and so I fixed this before we entered the meeting room after we thanked him.

But I woke up as the female officer and I talked as we entered the meeting room where we would probably adjust the new rankings, share what we knew so far, come up with a plan, and start that plan.

The end,

-John Jr

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