Pan’s Labyrinth | A Lucid Dream With The Mystery Man

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D and I was inside a larger and slightly fictional version of the BP Library, and I remember watching and/or thinking about the film Pan’s Labyrinth and several fictional other films directed by Guillermo Del Toro where the actress Ivana Baquero was the main character in each of these fictional films and she was still a girl who was the same age as when she played Ofelia in the film Pan’s Labyrinth.

There was a lot more to this dream that I can not remember but I do remember realizing and thinking about and being shown some of the symbolism in these films, I realized that some of this symbolism involved relationships, and one of these relationship types was daughter and father relationships; but I can not remember the other types or the other forms of symbolism that I recognized and thought about and was shown.

I just remember thinking about this deeply while possibly looking at parts of these films in a quiet area or room in the library that had a computer and at some point in the dream I left the library to walk home, still thinking about all of this and it seemed to be late afternoon or early evening, and as I was crossing the street by the train tracks I heard gunshots in the distance on my right side coming from maybe the forest.

I continued walking past BP City Hall and the BP Police Station, there were some police officers and other people sitting around outside the building relaxing, and a fictional older man with brownish colored skin with whitish colored hair and facial hair who knew my dad and I called my name; and he asked me if I had heard the gunshots as well.

I told him that I did hear the gunshots as well and I told him where I thought that the gunshots came from, I recognized this man even though he was a fictional person, and while I was talking to him a cat walked over to me and I picked up the cat and petted it while I talked with the man; and I remember the man making a comment about this, and at some point I put down the cat and I said goodbye to the man.

I continued walking home thinking and I remember meeting my former male classmate and schoolmate K or KJ and maybe one or two other former schoolmates and/or classmates of ours, I briefly talked to them before cross the second train tracks, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

Unfortunately I did not voice record this dream and I probably went back to sleep after having this dream, and so I can not remember most of it now and so expect some missing details and some errors.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I was outside of my parent’s house and I think that it was still daytime, there were two twin-sized beds on the side of the house where the back door is; and my brother GC and I were trying to sleep, he had the bed on the left side, and I had the bed on the right side.

I think that our mom said something to us from the back screen door a few times, which was disturbing us from being able to sleep and I was possibly also still thinking about some things from the previous dream (like the symbolism in Pan’s Labyrinth, and in those other fictional Guillermo Del Toro films with Ivana Baquero in them), and another thing that disturbed my sleep was me seeing movement behind The G House.

It seemed that maybe my male cousin DE walked behind The G House to the fence of The E House and then he quickly walked back so you could not see him, but I was not sure if it was him or not because it happened so fast.

I then saw movement over there again, this time I thought that I saw a man with whitish colored skin wearing a dark-colored fedora with dark-colored clothing, but it happened so fast that I was not sure; but I knew that he was not my cousin DE, and so now I was curious to find out what was going on.

This part of the dream is corrupted and forgotten now so I am not sure what happened, maybe I saw a UFO in the sky that possibly looked like a spaceship (maybe a non-human one, but I can not remember) as I was walking over to our fence for a closer look at the area where I saw my cousin DE and the unknown man, but I could be wrong.

The next thing that I remember is possibly a dream within a dream that I had once I returned to the bed to sleep but I am not sure, I think that I woke up into another dream and dream world where it was a nice sunny day with maybe a clear sky, and I was in a very small building with windows or openings where you could see outside.

This small building or house was in a field of short green grass near a swimming pool and/or lake, maybe my brother GC and our mom and a few other random people where in the field, and I remember thinking about the symbolism in Pan’s Labyrinth and in those other fictional Guillermo Del Toro films with Ivana Baquero in them.

I noticed something strange that I can not remember in this dream within a dream or this dream, I possibly saw another UFO and the unknown man from earlier, and I remember saying something like: “Wait a minute, there is something strange going on here, this is a dream!” and the dream went lucid and so now this was a lucid dream so it was now probably a lucid dream within a dream.

I reminded myself to stay calm and to not try to change the dream too much or at all to help prevent it from becoming unstable and collapsing, I took a deep breath and I stood still for a moment trying to keep the dream stable, and I remember wanting to get a closer look at the UFO and I wanted to approach the unknown man because I was curious and wondered if they were a threat to my family the others and I.

To my surprise the dream seemed stable so I decided to test out some dream powers so I ran super fast out of the building into the field, that test was a success, and then I went to test my ability to fly so that I could get a closer look at the UFO or spaceship; and then I jumped into the sky super fast and high, and I started flying after the UFO.

I am not sure how close I got to the UFO, probably not that close because I remember returning to the ground to face the unknown man who I saw sneaking around the field, and so I flew to the ground and I ran super fast to the unknown man; and floating above his head like in a video game were the words Mystery Man.

I approached Mystery Man to talk to him, he was still wearing a dark-colored fedora and dark-colored clothing, and when he spoke he sounded like some of the male NPCs that I have heard in some of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout video games.

I can not remember what we talked about but I guess that I no longer saw him as a threat after our conversation so at some point I remember going to explore the water and maybe talk to the others before getting back to trying to get a closer look at the UFO, and testing out more dream powers (like summoning my dream security) and enjoying this stable lucid dream; but I woke up to use the bathroom and because of people talking too loudly.

The end,

-John Jr

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