Rob Thomas’s Birthday Party

Dream 1

I had some more dreams before this dream that I can not remember and all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day inside a hotel with whitish and grayish colored carpet and walls and ceiling, and I remember waiting in a large room with an opening that led to the hotel lobby that had many twin-sized bunk beds and maybe some other beds with mostly other men sitting down on the beds.

I do remember at least one or more women being there, one of whom was a tall woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair, and I remember many of the other men constantly talking about the women and wanting to have sex with them and things like that (which was annoying to me, and I did not get involved with this and it seemed very disrespectful and rude in my opinion).

I remember them saying that the tall woman with yellowish colored hair had sex with many of the men in the room (maybe several at the same time), they were trying to get one or more of the men to approach her for sex, and I remember seeing a magazine cover next to them that involved maybe an animated train in human form (maybe female) and some other objects in human form (probably male) in a sexually implied position; and this magazine implied group sex between one woman and a group of men, and it seemed to refer to the tall woman with yellowish colored hair.

At some point we were allowed to leave and I remember leaving the hotel, I was in an unknown fictional city, and I remember driving my automobile to return home; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was driving my automobile to a birthday party for the musician Rob Thomas, who was my boss and he and his wife owned the company that I and most of the other people who were invited to the party worked for, and Mr. Thomas and his wife were having the party at their house.

I was my usual shy and uncomfortable self in situations like this but I had been invited, maybe almost like we had to go and/or I felt like it was the right thing to do because I probably felt that Mr. Thomas and his wife were good bosses and owners of their company and had treated me well so far, and so I was going to the party whether I wanted to or not probably.

I arrived at their one-story house in a quiet neighborhood and I parked on the grass in the front of their yard by the other automobiles, their house had a small front porch and the house was probably mostly a whitish color with a solid color trim, and I uncomfortably and nervously entered the house; and Mr. Thomas and his wife were in the kitchen near the entrance greeting everyone who arrived.

They greeted me warmly and let me know that they had free food and alcoholic beverages for everyone and to make myself at home, connected to the kitchen was a long hallway that went straight down the house, and the party was taking place from the kitchen all the way down this hallway which was set up like a parade route because they were actually having a parade inside the house; and so we mostly stood and sat on objects on both sides of this hallway.

Some of my fictional coworkers were playing various roles and were part of the parade as the rest of us watched, there were some celebrities there too among my many fictional coworkers, and several of these celebrities were female comedians and actresses; and one of them had whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair and she was pregnant, another had whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair, but I can not remember the others.

People were having a good time and some were drinking a bit too much alcohol (Mr. Thomas probably had a bit too much, but he was not being annoying) like a boyfriend of one of my female coworkers who had whitish colored skin and who wore glasses and her boyfriend was a man with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair who was drunk and smoking cigarettes around the pregnant female comedian and actress, who looked annoyed at the man and I remember her waving the smoke away angrily, but the drunk boyfriend of one of my coworkers did not notice; and he continued drinking, smoking, and being annoying.

I remember sitting back quietly watching from maybe a wooden bed-like object that was somewhat up high along the right side of the hallway, I did not drink or smoke but maybe I ate something as I watched the parade and the others having fun, and I remember seeing some people who I was possibly interested in talking to; and I remember several very good-looking women with shiny oiled light-brownish and/or tanned whitish colored skin.

One of these women was the actress Meaghan Rath who looked better and she probably was not as thin as she really is, which made her look even better, and I think that she was standing not too far away from me; and maybe I was thinking about talking with her, but she had a wardrobe malfunction where her bra and top came off somehow while I happened to be looking in her direction because I was trying to watch the parade and she was standing in the way.

Her breasts were exposed and I was looking in her direction when this happened, which was very awkward but I tried to not look down so I never did get a clear look at her breasts because I was being respectful, and so I glanced at her face and then away and then back several times because she was looking at me embarrassingly as she tried to fix her clothes and she was standing in the way of me seeing the parade; and so I would look back at her face sometimes to see if she was done fixing her clothes yet or not so that I could try to watch the parade.

She fixed her clothes in a few seconds and I remember trying to tell her that I did not really see anything but I am not sure if she heard me or not, and I remember her walking away still somewhat embarrassed; and I wanted to talk to her about the situation, but I did not want to make things even more awkward so I did not follow her to try to talk to her.

I forgot to mention that I was in or near the kitchen area where Mr. Thomas and his wife were, most of the single people where in this area and it was crowded, and most areas around the hallway had groups of people who knew each other talking to each other; and most of the single people seemed a bit too shy to walk around talking to other people, and so Mr. Thomas made us all spread out together.

This was more uncomfortable for me but it actually helped me to start trying to talk to other people but the party ended before I could really get at good conversation going, and as each person left the party Mr. Thomas and his wife would say goodbye to them and give them one or more of the many birthday presents (gifts) that Mr. Thomas had received for his birthday.

I was probably the last guest left and I remember thanking Mr. Thomas and his wife for inviting me, they gave me a stack of presents and I thanked them for that, I shook their hands and gave them partial hugs, and I thanked Mr. Thomas for spreading us out earlier because it actually helped me to start trying to talk to other people even though I am shy and I have untreated social anxiety disorder.

Mr. Thomas explained why he made that decision and he told me that he was glad that it helped me, and he gave me some advice on talking to other people (especially women); and then we said goodbye, and I left but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream was possibly a lucid dream within a dream where I returned to one of my forgotten dreams from earlier last night, and so I knew that this was a dream and I knew what threats to expect in this dream; but I did not realize that I was in a dream within a dream, and so the dream did not feel like a normal lucid dream but I possibly had a woman with me who was probably my dream security but I can not remember.

The dream took place in what seemed like an underground sewer and tall room inside a building, there was a small auditorium or cinema-like seating area near sewer-like water running down a river-like sewer drain that went into a small sewer-like lake, and most of the area was made of concrete.

There were other people there including some of my former classmates and schoolmates like my former male classmate and schoolmate BD and some unknown people, and I had a small blackish colored pistol in my right hand that I was carrying casually down my side; and I probably had a quiet woman who was part of my dream security team following me as backup just in case.

I was very confident and relaxed because I remembered this dream and what to expect, I calmly walked among the people sitting down warning them that we were in danger but that I knew what threats to expect, and that I would handle them; and I asked them to stay calm, and follow my directions.

This caused a lot of confusion and discussions among the people, I seemed more like an armed villain bossing them around so they were not responding well, I knew that one or more people among the crowd were dangerous; and so I approached one of them, he was a tall man with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair, and I started telling him exactly what he was going to do (I think that he was going to go crazy and start killing people).

He looked afraid and panicked and he backed away from me in fear toward the edge near the sewer water, like he was going to fall in, and I was possibly going to just shoot and kill him to get rid of him as a threat before he became a threat; but this caused the people to respond even worse as they saw me pointing the gun at the man, they all were terrified and I looked like a villain, and so I decided to give the man a chance.

I told him to stay calm and I gave him some other advice to help prevent him from becoming a threat, and I probably warned him that I would kill him if he did become a threat; and then my former classmate BD angrily approached me, and him and the others tried to argue with me and question me.

I once again tried to explain things to them letting them know that this was a dream and that I had already dreamed it and that we were all in danger and that I knew most of the threats that we would face, and that I could deal with them; and I asked them to trust me, and then I went to prove that I was correct by explaining the next threat to them before it happened and then showing them this threat.

The next threat would jump from a ventilation system and/or hole in the ceiling along a walkway by the sewer river, it was a small humanoid creäture like the one that I saw once during a sleep paralysis experience that I once blogged about called: Sleep Paralysis And Hallucinations | Light / Good Versus Dark / Evil.

So I walked calmly down the walkway toward the hole and I pointed my pistol at it, I probably shot it one time to scare the humanoid creäture out, but some cats ran out from the hole; and I almost shot them because I had forgotten about them, but then I saw the humanoid creäture in the shadows and so did the others.

I shot one time at the creäture but it ran back into the shadows to hide, the others were shocked that I had been correct, I asked them if they believed me now; and they probably said yes, I told them that I had this under control, and that they needed to listen to me if most of us were to survive.

I was not afraid or worried at all, I stopped for a moment to remember what to expect next as I waited for the creäture to show itself again, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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