On Vacation And Being Afraid Of People With Superpowers

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All that I can remember of this dream is that most of my family and I, except for my brother CC and his family, seemed to be on maybe vacation.

We met a person (maybe a woman with whitish colored skin with medium-length brownish colored hair) who had special abilities (superpowers, powers), and at some point we left and we were trying to avoid this person (her) like we were afraid of this person.

I remember us going to another city to stay at a house-like hotel with a whitish and grayish colored interior during the day, I remember that we seemed to be sharing a large suite with several other people, and some of these people also had powers.

One of these people with powers was a man with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair who was from The United Kingdom and who spoke English with an accent from somewhere in The United Kingdom, and during the dream he showed us some of his powers.

He was not even sure how many powers that he had, he seemed to be constantly finding out that he had more powers by trying to do different things, and so during the dream he kept discovering more powers that he had.

At some point the man talked with my mom and it seemed that he started to be interested in my mom, and then I remember my family and I leaving to avoid him like we were afraid of him and we were also still trying to avoid the person (woman) from earlier in the dream who also had powers.

We seemed to be afraid that both of them were after us so we ran outside to a ditch-like river near a road and a clearing between a forest, the river led to a lake that had a forest behind it, and this area looked nice with green grass.

We were in such a rush to escape or hide that we did not think that we had time to reach our automobiles or we decided to hide first before trying to leave in them, we considered swimming down the river into the lake and then escaping or hiding in the forest, but we followed the sides of the river first to hide and check the area before making a decision.

The man did not seem to be following us as we hid so we started thinking about what we should do, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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