Say Your Name

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Say Your Name, and this is what it said:

Write about your first name:

Are you named after someone or something?

Are there any stories or associations attached to it?

If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

And this is my response:

My first name is John.

I am named after my dad.

My first name is associated with the story of John The Baptist.

I would probably change my first name if I had the choice, so that people can stop confusing my name with my dad’s name (even the government has confused us, and so until this day my name can not be verified for certain things because the government has not fixed the mistake that they made confusing the two of us; and so my name is flagged in the government system as not verified, even though I have done everything that they asked me to do to verify my name) and because my first name is so generic and common, but I like my name and I think that it fits me; but I just do not know what I would change my first name to.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello Ryan,

They made a mess of the situation and they still have not fixed this years later even after I did everything that they asked.

Many years ago when I was in college a natural disaster was going to hit the city where I was attending college so there was a forced evacuation, the military moved into our dorms, and we all had to leave the city.

After the disaster our dorm never reopened leaving some of us with no where to stay because the college had no more room, so some of us had to stay with our parent’s in the other locations where we lived originally, and so the government offered some minor assistance to people like us in the form of a one-time payment of money (which I used eventually) and a food card for about three months (which I only used once, and so I did not use most of it).

Years later the government had made a mess of the situation, there was some fraud and stuff going on, and so they started trying to verify if people who got the assistance really qualified or not.

When it came time to contact me, they confused me with my dad and they contacted him by mistake, and he told them that he did not get any assistance (which was true); and I guess they never contacted me because they thought that my dad was me, and they assumed he was lying so they were not able to verify and they marked me as unqualified I guess.

We had no idea that this had happened until years later when the government took money from my parent’s tax refunds to pay back for the assistant, my parent’s contacted them and we eventually found out that they had confused my dad and I, and they had contacted him instead of me so they never were able to verify my identity or if I qualified or not (which I did) so they were making people who did not qualify to pay back the assistance that they were given and they even were making people pay interest on that.

We had to get the help of a local politician to finally get them to fix this mistake and refund my parent’s their money, but they did not completely fix their mistake and then they went after me after giving my parent’s their money back.

We had to explain the situation to them again and even when they realized their mistake they still never fixed it completely, they had me go through many steps online and by phone and by mail and in person trying to fix this, and I did everything they said and more; and we even went back to our local politician for help, and they fixed the false bill against me but they never verified my name (identity) even after I gave them everything and I went through all of their steps many times.

So years later I can not even have my name verified to sign up for or complete my profile for certain things with the government, even after going through through all the required steps with every government agency and every private company that they use like I was required and asked to do, and even after repeatedly letting them know that this was not fixed yet; and so I stopped trying back in maybe 2014, what a mess.

Next they might put me on the terrorist watch list and/or kill list by mistake or claim that I am not a citizen even though I have all of my identification papers (license, birth records, and more) and had them officially signed and officially verified and have shown them this many times, and I was born and raised my entire life in the same country and so were my parent’s and my grandparent’s and my great-grandparent’s. 😒

Sorry for the long story Ryan, I just needed to let this out, it is frustrating and annoying; and I have done everything that I was told and more to get this fixed, but it has been not fixed.

Thank you for the compliment, and for commenting. 🙂

-John Jr

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Just got a chance to read about your name. What a hot mess you have gone through! My ex named all our son’s and our first he named after himself Mark and did not add Jr or II to it. This has caused our son much trouble. Pulled over taken in for warrants (his dad’s) for unpaid fines. No DOB was verified until after being cuffed and taken in. Never went as far as being booked (someone finally listened) now our son is a hard working family man that is no reflection of his dad. He has suffered with social security thinking he was his dad. And boy when he bought his own home the bank would not loan at first because his dad’s bad debits showed up on his. Took calling and faxing and emailing more than 10 companies to clear it for the loan. He has never complained about his name but he has said he wishes his dad was not breaking laws and not paying his bills….

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Wow! That is terrible Annette, sadly most people (including the government) ignore the Jr even though I add it to almost everything and many places do not even have a place on their forms to add a suffix, and so that probably still would have not helped your son much; that is very unfortunate that he had to go through all of that, and I am fortunate that my dad is not like that or things would have been worse for me as well. 😦

Thank you for sharing that personal story. 🙂

-John Jr

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