Run Away Mind Control?!

Last night I got caught in something that was like a quicksand sleeping and awaking and dreaming cycle, where you keep waking up and going back to sleep and dreaming and it is hard to stop this and you can not get out of bed, combined with feeling like I was trapped in an experiment where I was the test subject being observed combined with feeling like something was trying to trap me and break me down mentally and emotionally and socially to mind control and/or possess me.

So I can only barely remember part of several dream levels from last night, there were probably more, but these are all that I can barely remember part of.

The main theme of this dream or these dreams seemed to be betrayal, and each dream level was connected in this trap or game or experiment or test or whatever it was.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream level is that it took place during the day at my parent’s house, I remember someone stealing most or all of my money from my wallet that was in the top drawer of my chest-of-drawers; and I remember trying to find out what happened to my money, and so I went around the house talking to my family and investigating.

Eventually I somehow found out that it was my brother GC who stole my money, which was a surprise because he is my closest brother, and I confronted him about this; but he was defiant, and he did not care and he did not apologize and maybe he did not even return my money.

I remember telling my parent’s about this but they did nothing as well, no one seemed to care and I felt betrayed, and I remember being angry and annoyed and it just felt terrible; but that is all that I can remember of this dream level.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream level is that it took place during the day outside, I remember walking along a bridge with water on both sides of it, and there were people around enjoying the outdoors (fishing, swimming, walking, talking, jogging, sitting, standing, et cetera); and I remember talking with my former male classmate DH.

At some point we started talking about some of our former classmates and my former classmate DH showed me an online profile for our former male classmate SS, it was on a website that possibly was a future version of Twitter or a fictional social network, and I remember us having a hard time trying to see an over-sized image that was the profile picture for our former classmate SS.

After moving around the screen we finally found the face on the image, we realized that the image was not actually of our former classmate SS, but it was a fake generic created image (it looked somewhat realistic, but was probably made by a graphic artist or whatever) of a man wearing a military dress uniform.

I remember my former classmate DH saying that the profiles must have been updated recently because they looked different, you could now use very large images like this instead of just small images, and there were some other changes made.

I then think that I got surprised, my former classmate SS and his brother MS (who was a former schoolmate, but he was younger than us) and maybe several other former male classmates of ours were there on the bridge ready to meet up with us, and it seemed that maybe my former classmate DH and/or one or more of them had set this up to surprise me since I have not seen them all in many years.

We started walking and talking on the bridge but then giant fish like sharks and other sea creatures started to jump from the water attacking people, during all of this my former classmates did not help me or work together with me to help ourselves or others and they ran off together in another direction at some point probably smiling or laughing at me, and they somehow betrayed me but I can not remember how.

People were dying, running, hiding, screaming, et cetera and there was a lot of chaos; and I remember running, hiding, and dodging et cetera.

I remember a shark jumping over the bridge to the water on the other side and grabbing people trying to hide on the side of the bridge where I was hiding at the top of the bridge along the right side, I remember feeling betrayed and feeling terrible as I tried to survive alone and maybe help other people, but that is all that I can remember of this dream level.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of these dream levels is being outside during the day with an unknown man with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair trying to cross giant mattress-like things stacked vertically high in the air in a canyon between two probably rocky and dirty mountains, and so we were high in the air trying to cross to a cave entrance on one of the mountains.

In this dream level there was a lion-like creäture that possibly had a greenish colored glow around it that was moving around inside the giant mattress-like things trying to kill us, we had to keep dodging and trying to avoid it as it would reach out from the mattress-like things trying to grab or scratch or bite us, and it could move and climb pretty quickly.

We managed to complete this dream level by reaching the cave so this was the first time that I can remember an instant continuation between the dream levels where my memory keeps going, and I think that this was the last dream level because I remember the man probably saying that this was it and that whatever we were looking for was in this cave or mountain.

I assume that we were the only people left from the other dream levels to make it this far, I remember us walking into a room with a small seating area with stadium-like seating that led down to an area where you would expect a podium to be, and behind this podium-like area was one or more rooms that we needed to reach to find something I guess.

This room was made from the material of the mountain, probably somewhat orangish and brownish colored dirt and stone except for some of the furniture and other things in the room of course, and I remember there being a dog who glowed a greenish color guarding this room; and the dog attacked us, and so I remember us dodging and avoiding it.

At some point I reached the podium-like floor and I grabbed something in the room as a weapon to attack the dog, but the dog stopped acting aggressive toward me once I reached this floor so I did not attack it.

I approached the dog slowly talking to it and it let me pet it, I told the other man and he slowly started to approach from the seating area, and he was going to try to pet it; but then something strange happened like maybe something was trying to mind control me and/or possess me and/or was tricking me with illusions like something was using genjutsu on me.

It looked like the dog was going to let the man pet it but then there was skip in my memory or vision where it looked like the dog went aggressive suddenly and teleported or phased out briefly and attacked the man by the throat, and the man fell to the ground holding his neck and as blood shot out from his neck.

As he died the man was looking at me with eyes and a facial expression of shock and surprise and terror and confusion and betrayal, like I had tricked and betrayed him and/or like I had been the one who attacked him (maybe with the weapon that I had picked up earlier), and then I started to feel like maybe it really was me who had killed him like something had controlled me and messed with my mind making me think that the dog had done it.

We had made it this far only to lose or maybe you would lose no matter what, either way I started to feel myself losing control of myself and maybe I was starting to glow green like the dog and like the lion-like creäture, and so I assumed that something would control and/or possess me and make me the new guardian of this room and/or the new betrayer.

I was not sure if some alien and/or human scientists were experimenting on us or if something supernatural and/or paranormal was messing with us, but those were my first assumptions; and I wanted to try to prevent this from happening to other people in the future before I lost control of myself.

I used my weapon to try to carve a warning message on the floor for people in the future who may enter this room, and I was going to carve this quick message because I only had a few seconds before I would lose control: “Run away, mind control?!”.

As I was carving the message I was losing control of myself quickly so I am not sure if I finished the message or not, I remember feeling terrible and like I was the betrayer now and that I was about to lose control of myself and I could hardly move or see clearly, I just remember waking up when I lost control of myself or right before I lost control of myself, and that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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Oh, yeah, your message could be interpreted as y’all can’t really run away from mind control. I would understand your dream as amazingly realistic and felt your feelings of betrayal were truly unfortunately. Thanks for sharing your dream, John Jr!

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