A French Dream Security Team

I had some clear, long, and interesting dreams (maybe even a semi-lucid dream) last night but somehow I ended up forgetting everything except for barely part of the end of one or two dreams from last night.

This probably happened because I slept pretty deeply (well), I needed to urinate, but I never got out of bed to urinate and voice record my dreams so I kept sleeping through several long and detailed and interesting dreams.

Dream 1

The end of one dream from last night took place inside a house during the day and I was talking with my brother CC about the military probably, and then I talked with my brothers KD and TD about a tablet computer (tablet) that I possibly bought for my brother TD or that he had just gotten on his own.

I have never had a tablet computer before but I was sharing some tips and advice to my brothers KD and TD about it, showing them some things on the tablet, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the end of this possibly semi-lucid dream is that it took place during the day and it somewhat reminded me of the film Inception, but my memory is very unclear and so even I am confused about it; but I know that it was very long, detailed, and interesting.

I am not sure if I realized that I was dreaming or not but I think that I realized that another dream character and his team were dreaming, and that they were inside a dream or a dream within a dream; and somehow I was able to see them inside a dream, I was either inside their dream or inside a dream within a dream where I could safely watch their dream without being seen by them, and/or something crazy and confusing like that.

I remember being on the upper floor of a nice modern building in a room with windows looking outside the windows where I could see the man and his team sometimes, and during other times I was able to see them and various points of views and camera angles from their point(s) of views, the point(s) of views of other dream characters, from the sky, from an interactive map, and more but I am not sure how I was able to see this and what I was seeing this on.

I think that there was a man with whitish colored skin with a bald spot with dark-colored hair wearing a dark-colored suit with a whitish-colored dress shirt with maybe a medium-colored tie standing in the room with me talking with me and observing the other man and his team, and we were watching all of their movements and sharing our opinions on what we were seeing (maybe like we were grading their performance, talking about how we and our dream security teams would handle each situation, seeing what we could learn about them and from them, maybe this was a test and/or experiment, and more).

The man who we were watching had whitish colored skin with maybe medium-length yellowish colored hair, him and his team were from France (French), and their job was dream security and they seemed to be professionals with combat experience and they were armed with guns and they probably had some light body armor.

They were on a mission where they traveled on foot from France to another country or location to a certain warehouse-like building among a rough-looking area that looked like the ruins of a major city (somewhat like Limbo from the film Inception) to maybe meet someone (maybe a frightened cowardly looking out-of-shape man with whitish colored skin with a bald spot with dark-colored hair wearing a whitish colored dress shirt and dark-colored dress pants), and then they were going to have to escort that person and/or something back to France safely.

On their journey to this location they formed a secure route that they would use to return safely to France, to form this secure route they recruited people they met along this route into small dream security teams guarding the areas along the route where they lived, and so they probably gave some weapons (guns) to each small dream security team that they recruited.

They successfully formed a secure route guarded by small dream security teams and they reached their location without any problems, they met the person (man) and then they were going to leave to escort the person (man) and/or an object back to France, but someone or something sabotaged their secure route by maybe sending false information to their small dream security teams that they had recruited and/or by tricking them and/or by performing inception on them and/or by hacking them and/or something like that.

I assume that their small recruited dream security teams were projections because they were easily manipulated, and this caused them to start attacking the man and his dream security team as they tried to escort their client and/or their client’s object back to France; and so they got constantly attacked during their journey back to France.

There was running, taking cover, shootouts, fighting, dodging, yelling, and more as they fought their confused or manipulated or hacked small recruited dream security teams; but they managed to get some of them to stop attacking by explaining that they were not the enemy, and that someone had tricked them.

It reminded me of the scenes from the film Inception when they were getting attacked by projections, except that in this dream they were getting attacked on foot and from buildings:

Whoever or whatever did this was probably watching and enjoying the chaos that they caused, this was a very clever trick that they pulled off, but the man and his security team were well-trained and experienced so they managed to survive as they got closer to France.

The man and I watching this were slightly impressed but we both felt that we probably could have done better, we both probably agreed that recruiting and arming those small dream security teams of projections was too risky and it clearly had backfired and could be easily manipulated by someone else, but I can not remember what else we said or thought about; but maybe we were going to recruit the man and his team for a dream security job or with jobs on our dream security teams now that they had proven themselves.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr

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