Desserts & Double Toasted Gone Sexual

I slept pretty well (deeply) last night without waking up to voice record my dreams, and so my mind ended up forgetting most of my dreams except for barely part of the end of my last dream from last night.

My mom, my brother KD, my brother TD, my brother CC, and I were staying in a windowless hotel room because we were in this unknown city for some college sporting event (I think that it was American Football) that my brothers were invited to participate in.

Only certain people were chosen to play in this event, the media and many coaches from different colleges would be there watching the players, and some of the players would probably get college football scholarship offers.

I think that earlier in the dream I was alone at the hotel room while my mom and my brothers were gone to the sporting event, there was a man with whitish colored skin staying in the hotel room next to us, and he probably had friends and other people visiting him; and maybe I was invited over to hangout with them, but I can not remember.

At some point in the dream my mom and my brothers returned to the hotel room, maybe we went to sleep, and checked out of the hotel the next morning; and I remember us driving to a gas station to get something to eat before leaving the city.

I walked around inside the gas station among other people when I noticed a glass display case with some discounted desserts inside that were close to or were on their expiration dates, and so they were being sold for very low prices.

I am a dessert fan so I grabbed a box and I started putting some of the desserts inside of it like a large triangular shaped honey bun for $0.20, a large chocolate covered éclair, many connected cinnamon rolls that were being sold as one cinnamon roll, and maybe one or two other desserts; and I was excited by this great deal, and I looked forward to eating my desserts. 😀

I told my family about the desserts and I suggested that they get some as well, I probably paid for mine and then I started walking back to the automobile listening to a Double Toasted video that was probably on YouTube, and the several members of Double Toasted were goofing (joking) around and talking about something.

I remember hearing Korey Coleman, Tommy McGrew, and Shea Young talking; but there were a few others in the room talking with them from a distance (I heard some other members of Double Toasted in the background).

For some strange reason Shea sounded more like Cait from the video game Fallout 4 so she was speaking English with an Irish accent and she was speaking more vulgar than normal, and even in the dream I was confused by this; and I remember thinking that was weird, and that she does not really talk like that and so I was confused.

*Sexual Content Warning Below (Which is very rare for my dreams)*

Shea was also making sexual jokes which was unusual and which also confused me, it sounded like she was trying to fit in with the guys or something like that, and she made one sexual joke that fell flat and no one laughed.

Tommy was talking about fluids and Shea made a terrible sexual joke that went something like: “Tommy has put a lot of fluids down my throat.” or something terrible like that; and I was confused by this joke, was she implying that her and Tommy once had sex, which did not make sense to me either or seem likely to me.

No one laughed and the joke fell flat and things got quiet, and then Korey said something like: “I need to start seeing what y’all have been doing during your lunch breaks!”; and then Korey started doing all of the talking to some of the others across the room.

I was now in the automobile waiting for my family who were still inside the gas station so I started watching the video instead of just listening to it, Korey was turned toward his audience in the room talking to them non-stop, while Shea was laying on her stomach or chest with her butt in the air on the table where they were sitting, and Tommy was standing and he was giving her a fast back and butt massage and he had a very focused facial expression.

You could see Shea’s entire back and the top of her butt because her shirt was pulled up and her pants and underwear were pulled down, you could not see her chest or groin and the camera was showing things from the side, and her back and butt were oiled and slightly tanned; and Tommy was rubbing up and down very fast down from the top of her back to the top of her butt, and no one else seemed to care or notice because the others were too busy talking.

I was shocked and confused by this but it seemed to be a strange but friendly massage at first, but then it became sexual as Tommy massaged faster and Shea started to make facial expressions and maybe a few sounds of sexual enjoyment.

I was shocked and confused by what was going on: I thought that Shea had a boyfriend, I thought that Tommy had a girlfriend, I did not expect either of them to do something like this and this did not seem like something that they would do, this was being done in front of everyone on top of the table where they were talking, I was confused by how this was being allowed on YouTube, and more.

Things became even more sexual as Tommy briefly started to massage Shea’s groin and then he started to perform oral sex on her as she was getting close to having an orgasm, but the camera was from the side so you could not see her groin or anything like that; and then the video started to fade as I was super confused and shocked, and as many questions and oddities that I noticed crossed my mind as I got close to realizing that this was a dream.

I assumed that maybe this video was allowed on YouTube because no breasts or groins were shown but this still did not make sense to me and I was confused, and shocked still; but I woke up before I could figure out that I was dreaming.

The end,

  • John Jr

21 replies on “Desserts & Double Toasted Gone Sexual”

Yeah, I was wondering how the dream went from American Football to a hotel to cheap desserts to a Double Toasted video gone sexual, with dreams you usually do not know what to expect. 😀

Thank you for commenting Annette, I was hoping that the rare sexual content would not offend people since I try to try my dreams as uncensored as I can when possible, and so I was hoping that was not too much information. 😉

-John Jr

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No problem! As I said I am a fan! As far as the sexual content well you did let readers know sexual content below….And we all have some sort of sexual dream at some point in time. We cannot help what we dream and if you weren’t staying true to your dream journal and sharing as you do then you would not be doing what you intend on doing….showing us your dreams and intertaining us!! Which you do just fine!!

😉 Annette your fan always

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Well said Annette, I could not have said it better, thank you. 🙂

I was experimenting with your visual widget idea for new visitors on my blog who may not visit my About Page, and I possibly learned something new or something that I forgot.

We can add YouTube videos to the Text widget by simply copying and pasting the embed code (which you can find on a YouTube video by clicking Share and then Embed) to the Text widget, move the Text widget where you want it in your sidebar or footer, give it a name, and then click Save. 😎

So I currently have an experimental example of this in my sidebar right now. 😉

Thanks to you we are both learning something new Annette, well done, and thank you. 👍

-John Jr

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Hello Annette,

My brother GC picked the Inception TV Spot #9 as the best one for my Welcome widget for my blog, I am curious, how would you rank these three Inception TV Spots from best to worst for my blog?

Inception TV Spot #5

Inception TV Spot #6

Inception TV Spot #9

Thank you,
-John Jr

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John my vote goes toooooo

NUMBER ONE TV SPOT #5…..watched them two times to see which one best connect with me and my interpation of you and your blog….your dreams are just like it…and the first part really gets ya…”are your ready” I love that part…next up is NUMBER TWO SPOT GOES TO….SPOT #9….I did connect with this one also but not as much as SPOT #5……It was good but not so much what I feel you are going for…..LAST UP LAST CHOICE IS SPOT #6….Did not connect with this one….I don’t know why….

This is my opinion I am glad you asked me I hope you choose which one you connect with John….I do feel strongly about my first choice….This movie is spot on your blog and you as your dreams portray so you go with whatever….I am still going to be your fan always Annette 😉

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The third vote is in, the election is now over, the Inception TV Spot #5 has won the election. 🙋

For the record, even though I did not include my vote, I also agreed with your choice Annette. 😉

Have a good night 🙂 ,
-John Jr

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