Giving Some Ideas To Donald Trump

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place inside a windowless room with maybe brownish colored carpet and maybe walls and ceiling, and I was sitting in a chair among a small audience of people listening to The President Of The United States Barack Obama giving a speech.

US President Obama’s speech was a very relaxed speech and he was very relaxed and he was probably acting like his real self and being honest like he was not worried about anything, and after the speech he stood at the podium answering questions from the audience.

There was a somewhat older man with brownish colored skin with short graying hair who asked US President Obama a lot of good questions and US President Obama gave some good answers, and then US President Obama decided to walk into the audience to have a conversation with the man and the audience.

Things were very relaxed and fun and President Obama and the rest of us were relaxed and having good conversations, I probably also had a conversation with President Obama, and we all continued talking; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day at a school that somewhat reminded me of the C Elementary School in the city of D, and I was at this school which was an elementary school because all the students that I saw were kids except for one slightly older male student with whitish colored skin who was a preteen or almost one; and so I have no idea why I was there because I was an adult.

There were a few other adults there watching the students, some were teachers but a few just seemed like they were just there to help the teachers watch the students, and so maybe that is what I was doing as well but I am not sure.

It seemed to be recess time so we were in an outside and indoor area, some parts outside and some parts partly inside, I remember sitting at a table, and the oldest student that I saw was sitting at this table; and I remember talking with him.

I remember us talking about how we were both confused about why we were at this school, he was older than the other students, and I had no idea why I was there; but I can not remember what we said or learned during our conversation.

I remember a male adult with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair joining us at the table as he watched the other students play, he seemed to be one of the adults helping the teachers, and I remember the older student saying an insult or an insulting joke about the man’s mother.

This angered the man who probably would have normally punched someone for saying this but he did not, instead the older student got in trouble, and shortly after this maybe recess was over.

I am not sure if this is another dream or not but the next thing that I remember is being in maybe a courtyard-like area of a school, maybe the same school, and there was a crowd of people and the press (media) there watching some politicians giving speeches; and Donald Trump was one of the people giving speeches.

I am not sure in what order things happened but somehow I ended up having a conversation with Donald Trump after he was finished talking with most of the media and the crowd, and I somehow ended up helping him with some ideas and giving him some ideas.

I remember Mr. Trump getting into a personal debate with a somewhat older balding male politician wearing glasses with whitish colored skin with graying dark-colored hair, the debate became intense and it became an argument, and at some point it ended; and I remember following Mr. Trump to finish helping him with some ideas.

Mr. Trump was going to be having an official debate with that politician and some other politicians soon so we were going over some ideas and things like that, at some point I guess Mr. Trump felt that he was ready, and he thanked me.

Mr. Trump left to do something else until it was time for the debate, as he was leaving he told me something that I can not remember (maybe he wanted to go over some more ideas after the debate) but I can not remember what he said, and then I wondered if I should stay for the debate or should I return after the debate to see if Mr. Trump still wanted to go over some more ideas.

I remember thinking about how all of this had happened, I think that earlier in the dream somehow Mr. Trump and I had started talking as he was walking through or away from the crowd, and he probably asked me to walk and talk with him because he thought that my ideas sounded interesting; and it somehow led to me helping him with some ideas that he had and some of my ideas.

I wondered if this meant that Mr. Trump was going to make me part of his political campaign or if he already had unofficially, I had not planned or expected to get involved in any political campaign, and I had just accidentally ended up having a conversation with Mr. Trump that led to me somehow helping him.

I was not sure what I would do if he asked me to join his campaign or if he hired me for his campaign, I have never campaigned for anyone and I am not a member of any political party and almost everyone I vote for almost always loses (only one or two or three people who I have ever voted for have won their elections 😀 ), but I woke up as I thought about all of this.

The end,

-John Jr

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I probably would as long as it is a background job because I need the job and work and money, I would learn some new things and get to experience some new things, and maybe it would lead to a permanent job and some interesting connections (especially if he won). 😉

-John Jr

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