My Blog And Donald Trump And Wikipedia?

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This morning my memory of my dreams from last night got mostly destroyed by a strange interrupting and distracting dream and sleep and wake cycle that kept happening as I was dreaming and thinking that I was blogging my dreams in the real world but I was actually still dreaming.

I was trying to blog my dreams inside a dream thinking that I was in the real world but my blogging of my dreams kept getting interrupted by things related to Donald Trump, and it was like someone or something kept messing up my posts that I was typing and making messed up pages and making messed up Donald Trump articles on Wikipedia and on my blog and maybe other wikis online and adding messed up link textΒ and links on my blog.

I had to keep stopping from typing my dreams to remove all of this messed up Donald Trump stuff that someone or something kept adding to my blog, it was pretty annoying and distracting, and as I constantly removed this stuff I was also trying to figure out who or what was doing this and why.

A lot of the information had nothing to do with Donald Trump but it had his name above it like it was his About Page and/or wiki article, and this was blending with my dream posts; and so as I kept deleting this stuff, I was also accidentally deleting my dreams, and I assume that this was also deleting these dreams from my actual memory by accident.

I started to realized that I was accidentally deleting my dreams as well because this false and incorrect and unrelated Donald Trump information was blending with my dreams that I was trying to type, and I realized that I could no longer remember most of the dreams that I had been typing because of this.

As I was trying to deal with all of this I probably kept waking up and going back to sleep and returning to this dream trying to recover my dreams, and stop the constant false and incorrect and unrelated Donald Trump information from being added to my blog and other places.

It was like trying to deal with a hacker and someone performing inception on you and someone pranking (playing a prank on you) you and someone vandalizing your blog and memories, and at some point I finally stopped trying as I failed to recover most of my dreams after getting too distracted and after accidentally deleting most of my dreams from my blog and my memory.

The end,

-John Jr


10 thoughts on “My Blog And Donald Trump And Wikipedia?

    1. Hello True George,

      I have heard that it is common in many people’s dreams for text to be unreadable for them and/or that text changes when they look away and/or that text becomes blurry and /or disappears; but oddly this does not really happen in most of my dreams.

      In most of my dreams text is readable and clear, whether the text is in English or in known languages (French, Spanish, German, Japanese, et cetera) or in unknown languages, and the text usually stays the same even if I look away and look back again; and text does not usually disappear or become blurry in most of my dreams.

      This combined with a few other things, makes it harder for me than some people to realize that I am dreaming, because certain common oddities in other people’s dreams do not often happen in my dreams which makes my dreams a bit more realistic than some people’s dreams; which is interesting, and I am not sure why most of my dreams are like that.

      Thank you for the interesting question. πŸ˜‰

      -John Jr


    1. Hello Ingidisa/Jiuhl,


      It was not fun accidentally deleting and losing most of my dreams from that night because of these annoying and constant interruptions and distractions.

      I wonder if me accidentally deleting some of my dreams that I typed on my blog in the dream really caused me to delete those dreams from my memory or was it just all of the constant distractions and interruptions that caused me to forget most of them?

      If it was caused by or partly caused by me accidentally deleting most of my dreams that I typed on my blog in the dream, that could imply that my memories of those dreams were being visually represented in the dream and could be manipulated in a way that would really effect/affect my memory upon waking, almost like something from the film Inception.

      If true that could have some interesting implications if you can put memories in a visual form in a dream and manipulate those memories in your mind in a way that changes them even when you awake.

      I dreamed about Donald Trump for several nights in a row for some unknown reasons but it may be because he is mentioned constantly in the news every day, a blogger that I follow blogs about him often, and I watched a comedy YouTube video called Winter Is Trumping the night before these Donald Trump dreams started.

      The cycle was possibly broken last night, I could be wrong because I forgot most of my dreams from last night, but Donald Trump was not in the only dream that I can barely remember from last night (which I am about to type after I finish typing my response to today’s Daily Prompt).

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr


      1. It’s confusing even as you explain it, just like in the movie Inception. Things I do or watch during the day also shape my dreams. When I read or write a lot, my dreams are in text that I’m reading or writing. Those are frustrating because they don’t have images, although I often see scrolls, and I can hear myself narrate.

        You also wrote, “put memories in a visual form in a dream and manipulate those memories in your mind in a way that changes them even when you awake.”

        This would be a quite disturbing thought to some people, that is, suggesting that memories are subjective. People usually think of their past and their memory of the past as a fact. It also reminds me of the movie, Total Recall.

        No one has adequately explained what dreams are or how they effect us, so who is to say what kind of power really lies in our dreams?

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        1. Hello Ingidisa/Jiuhl,

          Those text dreams of yours sound interesting but I can see how that can be frustrating, and the closest thing that I can think of that I have like that rarely is the super rare dream or sleep state or cycle where my mind it going over memories and things rewinding and fast-forwarding and replaying things like it is organizing memories and/or something like that; and I am not physically there and I can not control things, and so I am forced to see and hear all of this.

          That is disturbing because this could be used in negative ways, if this is possible which is not clear because of other factors in my dream, but this could also be used in positive ways; but something like this sounds dangerous to me.

          Well said, I agree Ingidisa/Jiuhl. πŸ‘

          Thank you for commenting,
          -John Jr


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