Having A Presidential Debate Against Donald Trump

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Dream 1

I went to bed super late last night and I when I woke up early to use the bathroom and to voice record my dreams and go back to sleep but I failed to go back to sleep like I was supposed to do so I did not get much sleep last night, and I spent most of my day doing something else so now I am typing these dreams behind schedule; and for some unknown reasons I had another dream about Donald Trump for the third night in a row.

I had some interesting and somewhat deep and somewhat strange and maybe slightly surreal dreams last night, but unfortunately I can only barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

All that I can remember of this dream is that at the end of the dream I somehow ended up being in The United States Presidential Election for the position of The President Of The United States, and Donald Trump and I were possibly the last two candidates left in the election; and we were going to be having our last debate against each other later in the dream, but first we were each being interviewed separately by a male host and/or journalist with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair wearing a dark-colored suit on a news television show in front of a large crowd inside an auditorium.

I am not sure if this took place before or after our interviews but I remember sitting in a chair next to the chair that Donald Trump was sitting in, maybe we were on a stage and the crowd was watching in the distance, and Mr. Trump leaned in to tell me something; and no one else could hear us because this was off-camera with no microphone or anyone close enough to hear us.

Mr. Trump surprised and shocked and confused me by saying:

“I think that you are going to win this election, and I think that you should win this election.”

He seemed relaxed and positive about this and it seemed that he possibly really meant this, like he actually felt and thought that I would be a better president than him, and it seemed like maybe he did not really want to be president but I was not sure; and I was so shocked and confused by him saying this that I was not sure what to think.

It seemed that he actually respected me, I thanked him and I probably responded with confusion and a few questions trying to figure out if he was really serious, and if he really thought that I could win against him; and if he really thought that I should win, but I can not remember our brief private conversation but I know that it was positive and he seemed honest and actually happy about it.

Later in the dream I know that it left me confused and wondering if I should even continue running for president, I somewhat wondered if this was Mr. Trump’s plan to get me to quit the election and the debate, and I wondered what would happen if I did win the election and if I did become The President Of The United States; and this scared me a bit as I thought about the many possibilities and responsibilities, and my lack of qualifications and social anxiety disorder et cetera.

The next part of the dream is probably a daydream about what if I won the election, maybe I won but I think that this was just a daydream that I probably had during the dream as I sat in my automobile in a parking lot during the day like the parking lot of the Dollar General store in the city of D on Eastside, and this probably happened as I was trying to decide if I should cancel the debate and quit the election or not.

In this assumed daydream within the dream I was The President Of The United States, I wanted to be a president who was more normal and who did not waste much money on myself and who worked in the background getting things done mostly instead of wasting time giving speeches and making appearances et cetera, and I wanted to be able to go places more normally without too much protection from The United States Secret Service.

I had much more modest protection from the Secret Service and this is how my trip to a shopping mall went: a few Secret Service agents and I got into an automobile with one or two escort automobiles quietly moving through normal traffic without causing a scene and without drawing much attention to ourselves, my visits were usually unannounced and quiet and sudden and short, and I would try to blend in with the crowds with only a few Secret Service agents walking with me close-range and mid-range and long-range.

I remember walking around the shopping mall normally without causing much of a scene, I was able to somewhat blend it, and it felt good being able to walk around normally without causing a scene; and people did not feel so uncomfortable with me and my Secret Service agents around.

The United States Secret Service did not like my approach to my protection which saved a lot of money, time, and did not disrupt other people’s lives; and I could understand because it did leave me much more vulnerable, but I usually had the element of surprise and I did not get out that much and I would not stay out that long.

I enjoyed my outings because I was usually busy working in the background working harder than most presidents, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My brother GC was in one or more of my dreams last night but I can not remember which one(s), maybe he was in this dream but I am not sure, and all that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I went to a whitish colored somewhat futuristic multi-story house where maybe Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) lived; and I was invited to play some video games with him and some of his friends, and Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach) was one of these friends.

There was at least four of us and I remember the others being in very good and goofy and have fun moods so they were acting super hyper, and joking around a lot; and we were going to play video games in teams, and so it would be two versus two.

This dream gets very unclear and confusing and incomplete but I think that something else was going on during the dream, like maybe an interrupting dream where I would jump between two different things happening in the dream, and this other dream or part of the dream was animated and strange.

It involved the character Spike Spiegel from the Japanese anime Cowboy Bebop, and some other strange surreal animated characters who were not human and who were colorful and maybe alien; but I can not remember what happened, but I think that here was some wacky and surreal fighting.

The dream jumped back and forth between the non-animated dream world with Angry Joe and Markiplier, and the animated dream world with Spike Spiegel; but I woke up to use the bathroom, voice record my dreams, and go back to sleep but I failed to go back to sleep.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “Having A Presidential Debate Against Donald Trump”

I “sensed” that Trump didn’t want to be president and I can’t believe John Jr would save money from behind the scenes and enjoy not being known. Now, that’s ‘power’ and ‘control’ without fear of safety. ~Flynn B.


Hello Flynn,

I sensed that Mr. Trump did not really want to be president in the dream as well, like maybe he was just running for fun and for several other reasons, and maybe he had not expected to make it that far.

Well the saving money on Secret Service protection was not really behind the scenes and it was public knowledge and I was known when in public, I just avoided causing big scenes when in public so I kept a low-profile in public trying to live normally as I could as president, and I focused on working in the background (not secretly) doing my job to make things better instead of wasting time doing unnecessary things in public for show; and so it was not about power or control, and people were mostly safe.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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