A Trashy College

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Dream 1

I went to bed late again last night and I slept well and deeply and I had some clear dreams, but I ended up only remember part of the end of my last two dreams.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that I was in a fictional city that somewhat reminded me of the city of LC during the day, and my mom and I were driving around.

At some point my mom possibly dropped me off or I used my own automobile while she drove somewhere else, eventually my automobile probably broke down on the side of the highway near a fictional technical college and/or community college (this seemed like a very hands-on college where people got to learn how to do things by actually doing things, and so I saw mechanic-like shops and welding shops et cetera) that somewhat reminded me of the S Technical Community college in the city of LC, and I probably walked along the highway by the college trying to find someone who could help me fix my automobile.

The college was in the worst condition of any college that I have ever seen in my life or maybe even in a dream, there was trash all over the ground and rats and mice et cetera, and I remember walking around the trash and rats and mice until I reached an automotive-like shop where I heard work being done.

I saw a tall and large and muscular man with whitish colored skin with orangish colored hair and facial hair working on an automobile, and then I saw my former male classmate JC working on something as well; and I greeted my former classmate JC.

My former classmate JC had no shirt on and he had hair on his chest and stomach and he had a muscular build but he was obese now as well, so he was the biggest that I have ever seen him before, and I was surprised to see how much he had changed.

We walked and talked to my automobile to see if he could help me fix it, he was attending this college and learning to fix automobiles I think, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it was pretty long and it took place during the day and it involved a very long building with many hallways and rooms that was a combination of several houses, college dorms, a medical clinic, and maybe more; and this building went across several yards and properties, including E Manor, and maybe a somewhat fictional version of my parent’s house or it stopped close to my parent’s house.

This building was so long that I spent most of the dream walking around it trying to find a bathroom where I could take a shower, for some reason I was sweaty and needed a shower like I had exercised, and I wanted to go to the medical clinic for a checkup.

As I walked around I saw college students, former classmates of mine, my mom’s side of the family seemed to be having a family gathering in the parts of the building where E Manor should be, people at the medical clinic, and maybe some of my family at my parent’s house or the parts of the building where my parent’s house should be.

I wanted to take a shower first but I was having some kind of difficulty finding a shower or something like that so I stopped at the medical clinic hoping to get my medical checkup, but there was a group of people waiting in the waiting room; and one of these people was an obese woman with whitish colored skin with long brownish colored hair, and I remember her talking to the nurses about something.

I waited briefly but the wait would be too long so I left to continue looking for a shower, at some point I remember walking around with my T-shirt off because maybe I had finally found a shower in one of the bathrooms, and I remember walking shirtless past my former female classmate FS.

I forget to mention that before this I briefly talked with some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family who were having a family gathering, they were all over the place so it was hard to avoid them, but I kept walking after briefly talking with them.

At some point I reached the end of the building and I walked through my parent’s yard and into my parent’s house or their part of the building, I was probably going to take a shower, but I saw Trevaunn (Trey) Richards and Jae Richards from 4YallEntertainment playing soccer (football) in my parent’s yard and I saw someone else playing American Football in the yard.

I already needed a shower and I wanted to play some sports too so I was going to go play soccer (football) and American Football with them, I forgot to mention that there were some openings along the house or hallway that went into the yard, and I stepped on the grass to join them; but I wanted to get my medical checkup, and so I tried to decide if I should go back to do that first or do that after playing sports and taking a bath but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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