Illegal Immigration And An Awards Ceremony

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a nice sunny day, I was driving my automobile and somehow my male cousin DE ended up riding in my automobile with me, but I can not remember if he was already with me or if I had picked him up when I saw him walking on side of the highway; either way my cousin DE needed a ride.

I drove down a highway that was like a fictional version of the highway that goes past the B Plant so it was somewhat out in the countryside, and I drove my cousin DE to a fictional nice two-story modern house by the highway and this was a very nice and quiet and natural-looking area.

There was a nice unfenced yard that felt and looked a bit field and farmland-like, to the left was a house with a similar yard and some farmland, near the back of the house were some train tracks that stopped at the yard but looked dangerous because in an accident the train would be able to crash through house, and to the right was a building or two that seemed to be used for the train workers and for what seemed like a secret illegal drop-off and pick-up location for maybe illegal immigrants from probably mostly Mexico (Mexican) being sneaked into the country illegally to work illegally for companies and people who were taking advantage of them.

I parked my automobile and I went inside the two-story house with my cousin DE, I was surprised that he was staying at such nice house and he seemed to be living there alone, and I wondered who this house was for and who was paying for it.

My cousin DE walked me to a bedroom on the second floor that had nice large wall-sized windows that gave you an amazing view of all sides of the yard except for the right side because this bedroom was on the left side of the house, and I am amazed at how well my mind designed this house.

This part of the dream looked and felt real, the design of the house was so detailed and realistic that it was like being inside a real house in a real bedroom, and it was so realistic that it seems like a real house from in real life; but as far as I know this is not a real house from real life that I have been to or seen, but it was so detailed that I could actually recreate most of the bedroom it I had to.

The bedroom had maybe whitish colored carpet, there were two nice modern beds and a bit of furniture, and the house was clean and uncluttered to my surprise; and my cousin DE seemed mostly stable like living there was helping him to heal and become more stable again.

My cousin DE and I talked and looked out of the windows as he pointed at certain things and told me some information about them and answered some of my questions, and at some point a train arrived and stopped at the end of the train tracks so that the workers could probably use the building on the right side.

My cousin DE and I walked outside for a closer look of the train tracks and the train and the building, I remember noticing an automobile drop off two attractive women with light-brownish colored skin with long blackish colored hair who seemed to be from Mexico (Mexican), and they were dressed like they were maybe working as prostitutes brought into the country illegally; and then they climbed in the back of a trash truck that drove up to pick them up, and the back of the trash truck closed to hide them and it drove away to probably take them to work illegally for some company or people.

I felt sorry for them and a few men who I had seen early from the windows (who I forgot to mention but they had brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair and moustaches with blueish colored baseball style work hats (caps), an automobile dropped them off, and another vehicle picked them up), I felt that they were just trying to survive, and were being taken advantage of to be used for cheap labor; but they were desperate so they did this anyway because they needed work and the money to survive.

Shortly after this I said goodbye to my cousin DE and I drove on my way home, but my way home through MLKJ Street was blocked because an awards ceremony was talking place; and there were many celebrities there, and so I parked my automobile to walk through this awards ceremony trying to reach the other side of the street.

The awards ceremony was dimly lit and there were many rows of auditorium-style seating, I saw many well-dressed celebrities and camera people, and I tried to avoid the cameras as I searched for the exit to the other side.

As I was doing this they were calling out names of people in the audience and each person would walk up to the stage to be honored with maybe an award and maybe give a short speech at the microphone, and this was an award related to people with disabilities and work done to help them.

I had to keep dodging cameras as I struggled to find the exit, I probably got caught on camera a few times, and I heard people’s names being called out and I heard clapping and sometimes I saw the people walking to the stage because sometimes I was walking near the stage and main area.

One of these people who was called to the stage was a woman with whitish colored skin with maybe long yellowish colored hair who seemed to have down syndrome, after her award and speech I was possibly called and/or somehow ended up on stage by surprise, and I did not expect this or want to be on camera in front of an audience but I gave a speech anyway related to disabilities and maybe some of the disabilities that I have (if they even count as disabilities).

I am not sure what I said, but it was interesting and surprising to be on stage and having to give a sudden speech; but I was handling it surprisingly well, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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