File:Flow metrics update 1-14.pdf
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Flow, and this is what it said:

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started.

And this is my response:


File:Flow-Slides-WMF MetricsMeeting 03.13.pdf
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The end,

-John Jr


5 thoughts on “Flow

Add yours

    1. Thank you for commenting Yvonne Lott.

      I am not a fan of the one-word Daily Prompts, and so I have been just responding to them with images and hoping that the Daily Prompts will return to normal eventually.

      -John Jr

        1. I agree Yvonne Lott.

          So far I seem to be the only person who does not like them, I do not mind having them sometimes, but we have had them everyday for two weeks or more now; and I think that we should have some more variety and balance with the Daily Prompts again.

          -John Jr

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