Working Or Gardening With Sister Mary Eunice And Bruce Lee

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day outside by the street and yard of where my uncle WC’s house should be, and I seemed to be working or gardening with several attractive women who were different characters from several television series and films and Bruce Lee.

All of the women were attractive to me and I liked all of them and they all seemed to like me as well, and I was not sure which of them I liked the most so I was trying to figure this out because I felt that soon they would ask me this question.

I can not remember who the rest of the women were except for the character Sister Mary Eunice (played by the actress Lily Rabe) from the television series American Horror Story: Asylum, who is a Catholic nun, but I can not remember if she was the normal Sister Mary Eunice or the demon-possessed Sister Mary Eunice.

For some reason Sister Mary Eunice is the only one of the women who I remember by name so maybe she stood out to me the most and was one of the women who I liked the most, anyway as I was trying to decide which woman I liked the most by talking and working with them and thinking, Bruce Lee told us that he needed to leave somewhere but that he would be back so he left.

At some point Bruce Lee returned but in my opinion it was a synth or android impostor pretending to be Bruce Lee because he talked and acted different and robotic, he looked like Bruce Lee, but I did not think that it was him.

I let this be known and I tried to test this possible impostor Bruce Lee to see if he was the real Bruce Lee or not, he kept insisting that he was the real Bruce Lee, but I still did not believe him.

He was not hurting anyone so I decided to stop bothering him, but I would keep watching him to make sure that he did not do anything suspicious.

At some point Sister Mary Eunice and the other women stopped working to ask me something, I still had not decided which of them I liked the most yet, and so I hoped that they were not about to ask me this.

I was afraid that is what they wanted to ask me so I tried to stall them by continuing to work and trying to get them to wait a bit longer until we get some more work done first, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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