Trying Zinus Mattresses | A Bad Motel And Hotel

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me trying different Zinus memory foam mattresses, I wanted to see what a 6 inch tall (thick or high) memory foam looked and felt like, but as I looked at and tried different Zinus memory foam mattresses I could not find a 6 inch one.

I found 7 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch mattresses but no 6 inch mattresses which annoyed me so I kept looking but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it seemed that my family and I were probably going on vacation, somehow I ended up driving ahead of my family and I reached a fictional city a day before they did, and so I spent the night at a motel combined with a hotel that was on side of the highway near and almost under a bridge.

The location of this motel and hotel reminded me of the motel in the city of A where I first saw an episode of the television series Back To Sherwood, but in this dream the inside of the hotel and motel was like the worst motel in real life that I have ever paid for and stayed at (in was in the city of L, and my brother CC and I spent the night in this motel when we took a short trip to the city of L one day).

The room was very large and it was a 1 1/2 story room, I remember going to sleep on the bed and waking up the next morning, and I noticed some fleas on my socks that jumped away when I tried to kill them.

I then noticed that the left pillow next to the pillow that I was using was full of bugs moving around and starting to come out of the left side of it, which I assumed to be bed bugs, and I was disgusted and I wanted to check out of the motel/hotel and possibly get my money back.

I started checking myself hoping that I did not get any bed bugs on me or inside me, I did not see any on me or see or feel any bites, but I was still disgusted.

Then I noticed some wild exotic maybe black and white pig-like animals running around the room on the 1 1/2 story section, I assumed that the fleas came from them, and then this part of the dream became like a video game where I was shooting a gun (probably a rifle) at the wild pig-like animals.

I must have used rubber bullets because the bullets would hit them causing their fat to jiggle but the bullets would fall to the ground without causing real damage, and the wild pig-like animals kept running around trying to avoid getting shot until I stopped bothering them and this video game-like part of the dream ended.

The dream became normal again and I went to use the bathroom which was on the 1 1/2 story section, connected to the bathroom was one or more doors, and one of these doors led to a small room that looked like an office for the manager or owner which surprised and confused me.

Another door led to a hall that had several more doors with one leading to the hallway of the hotel areas where I saw a short somewhat older woman with whitish colored skin with short hair pushing a cart like she was cleaning rooms, one leading to a storage-like room, and the last door led to an interesting room full of boxing memorabilia and other types of memorabilia.

This room had windows that gave you a good view of the parking lot and bridge, and the boxing memorabilia contained autographed pictures and title belts and boxing trunks et cetera from real boxers and fictional boxers like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago.

I was even more confused about how my room gave me access to all these areas, I wondered if I had been given a special manager’s or owner’s room by mistake, but then I walked back to my room to take my luggage to my automobile in the parking lot and then check out of this bad motel/hotel.

After putting my luggage in my automobile I started walking from the parking lot to find the office, an energetic and friendly and talkative slightly over-fat woman with whitish colored skin with long brownish colored hair wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans who was probably a manager or worker walked across the parking lot toward me on her way inside the motel/hotel, and she stopped to tell me that they were hiring for a certain job that I can not remember.

She started telling me about some of the job duties but she cut herself short because she was talking too much, and she told me to stop by the office for more information about the job.

I thanked her and she continued walking and stopping to tell other people about the job, there was an elevator on the outside of the building oddly where I saw a woman with whitish colored skin waiting with maybe her boyfriend or husband who had brownish colored skin and was wearing a baseball cap or hat turned backward and he was wearing maybe a sports jersey and baggy pants or shorts, and so I stopped to wait behind them for the elevator hoping to reach the office.

I heard a strange sound from a forest and trail by the parking lot, and I saw a large tractor-like vehicle being driven by a somewhat older man who was dressed like a city worker while another man with brownish colored skin was using a tool to dig at the ground.

I decided to call my family while I waited for the elevator but first I did some thinking about the job that the woman had mentioned, but this motel/hotel disgusted me and I was not even sure what city this was and I was just passing through on my way to vacation somewhere with my family and so I was probably not going to apply for the job.

I woke up as I was thinking and about to call my family.

The end,

-John Jr


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