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Dream 1

This dream was interesting and symbolic and philosophical, unfortunately I can not remember most of it, but it involved me seeing something that happened far in the past involving possibly ancient history on Earth or another planet or somewhere else.

There was a probably somewhat advanced and maybe somewhat angelic procession, it somewhat reminded me of the procession in the book God Emperor Of Dune, and at least one of the vehicle carriage-like things was possibly white with maybe wings and/or feathers with a man or male humanoid entity or alien or angel or god or demigod or whatever inside it along with one or more small humanoid kids or kid-like entities or aliens or angels or deities or demi-deities or whatever; and I assume that the rest of the procession was security.

This male entity seemed to be special and maybe he had a special object, in the distance near a bridge that they were about to cross I saw someone or something leave from the bridge to hide in some bushes like they or it had just planted explosives under the bridge hoping to kill the male entity and steal the special object that he possibly had.

This all was happening out in the wilderness it seemed, as the procession crossed the bridge there was what seemed to be an explosion that caused the vehicle carriage-like thing carrying the special male entity and at least one kid-like entity with him to fall from the bridge into a shallow river below, but it landed without anyone or anything getting hurt.

The male entity said something that sounded symbolic, philosophical, biblical or religious, prescient, et cetera to a kid-like entity that seemed to possibly be symbolic and possibly referenced the conflict between good and evil; and maybe this was almost like an origin for this battle or this was an ancient society that inspired this in future societies on Earth and/or this planet but I have no idea.

I can not remember what the male entity said exactly but he said it to the kid-like entity almost like it was his child or like someone explaining history to a student, he probably mentioned that the other group who probably planted the explosives wanted to steal the special object that he had, and he explained what would happen if this happened.

I can not remember what would happen but it was not good, and maybe eventually it did happen in the future and that is what led to the world that we live in today; but I can not remember, and unfortunately that is all that I can remember of this interesting dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a video game-like dream world that was like a combination of the video game franchises Tomb Raider and Fallout combined with maybe something else, and I was controlling and/or was and/or was seeing things from the point of view of a woman who was somewhat like the character Lara Croft except curvier (thicker) more muscular and she had light-brownish colored skin.

She/I was with a group of people and she/I had a minigun, we were outside during the day near a river on a small walking bridge with two levels in the wilderness near a small castle-like tower, and not far away by the river were two deathclaws.

They were going to see and attack us soon so we decided to attack them first, she/I and the others got positioned on both levels of the bridge, and we started shooting the deathclaws.

Deathclaws are tough and fast so our sneak attack was not enough to kill them before they reached us and started killing us, she/I managed to kill one of the deathclaws, and then she/I and the last survivor ran to the top of the tower to avoid the last deathclaw and shoot it from a distance.

During the battle with she/I got her/my clothing ripped off so she/I was naked with cuts and was bleeding and was dirty, the deathclaw reached the top of the tower where she/I was shooting it from, and it possibly grabbed her/me and/or I was on top of it hanging over the edge of the tower.

The deathclaw glitched on the edge of the tower where it could not attack her/me so she/I started shooting it with the minigun from point-blank range in the face until it was finally dead, and it took a lot of shots to kill it.

Unfortunately this caused her/me to fall from the tower, but somehow she/I survived the fall and maybe the other survivor was still alive; but I can not remember, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening or night at my parent’s house, I somehow saw a strange light coming from the kitchen windows of The G House, and so I went for a closer look.

I saw a strange alien-like red light coming from inside the kitchen, then a strange bluish colored light, and then a normal white light; and the red light was the biggest and the lights were somewhat blinding preventing you from seeing inside the kitchen like someone or something was shining a light in your face.

I did see the shadow or outline of a person, maybe my male cousin DE, and I assume that he was shining the lights inside the kitchen and in my direction; and he possibly had some clear plastic on the windows to prevent you from seeing inside the kitchen, and I wondered what was going on because the red light seemed so strange and alien but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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