Hanging Out At A School With My Former Classmate MT And My Brother CC

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was hanging out with my former male classmate MT and a younger version of my brother CC, and for some unknown strange reason(s) we were hanging out at a school that was a fictionalized combination of several schools in the city of D.

We were not supposed to be at the school and we were not supposed to be working at the school, even in the dream I was not sure why we were there, and I did not want to be there; but it seemed that my former classmate MT wanted to be there.

There was tension and discomfort and anxiety during parts of the dream as we tried to pretend that we were supposed to be there or that we were supposed to be working, and we spent most of our time hanging out in quiet areas and not classrooms.

We were approached several times during the dream with one time involving a somewhat older female janitor with dark-brownish colored skin with short hair who knew me and my dad, and she thought that we were supposed to be working so she told us to get to work instead of sitting around.

We pretended to start working, then we moved to a different part of the school to avoid her even though I wanted to leave, but my former classmate MT wanted to stay and he said that it would be okay even though I was worried about someone calling the police and because we were not supposed to be there.

The second time was a male teacher with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair asking us for donations for something, and the third time was a female teacher with whitish colored skin who said that she was going to call my mom or my parent’s house about something; but she mistakenly thought that my female cousin HC was my mom or that her house was my parent’s house, and so I told her about this mistake.

At some point in the dream we met my dad and we told him about the janitor from earlier, and he went to talk with her to let her know that we were not working at the school; and she apologized, and she said that we should have told her.

I still wanted to leave but my former classmate MT still wanted to stay, and so we went to hang out in a fictional school library that has been in many of my past dreams that usually is dimly lit and has a classroom inside of it; but I woke up at some point with the song Dijurido from the album The Seatbelts: Future Blues (2001) for the film Cowboy Bebop: The Movie playing in my mind:

The end,

-John Jr