A Dorm Collapses | Takahata101 (Curtis Arnott) Wants To Burn Grass?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I woke up early in the morning inside a dorm room inside a fictional tall multi-story college dorm where I was living as a student in college, and maybe a storm or natural disaster was taking place.

I possibly had a roommate and suitemates because I remember a woman and fellow college student being with me, at first it seemed that we were safe inside the dorm building, but then it started to shake like it was collapsing.

We started running to leave the dorm while yelling for everyone else to leave because the dorm was collapsing, it was chaos and panic, and you had no time to stop because you could see and hear and feel the building collapsing around and above you.

I ran among the crowds of college students trying to escape the building for our lives, there was no time to stop and help anyone, and I saw and heard parts of the building collapsing and dust or grinding brick and concrete falling.

I heard screams and other sounds of panic and pain as some people were crushed and killed and trapped by the falling debris, there was blood and possibly some body parts as we ran and pushed forward trying to save ourselves, and it was terrible because you had no time to help anyone you just had to keep moving or die.

I barely made it out of the building with the woman and many other people as the dorm continued to collapse, and we ran to a field as emergency services and parents and teachers and other people arrived.

People were in shock and in pain, there was terror and sadness and anger et cetera, and I saw people with torn and dusty clothing and some people bleeding and clearly injured with cuts and broken bones.

It was terrible, like the aftermath of a bomb or something, and I remember the news media arriving and they started interviewing an angry somewhat older slightly overfat man with whitish colored skin who was probably a parent of a student.

He said that the building was not designed properly and that it was too tall, and that is part of the main reasons why it killed and injured and trapped so many people.

He said that if the buildings had been design properly, designed to better handle natural disasters, and shorter that there would have been a lot less damage.

I was still somewhat in shock and was just silently looking around and listening at the chaos as emergency services tried to handle the situation, feeling bad about not being able to help anyone, and feeling bad for the people still trapped under the collapsed building who I assumed to be dead by now.

I felt that the angry man was correct, I also assumed that the building was probably not properly inspected or properly maintained, and as I started to recover from the shock a bit I asked the woman and some of the others if they were okay and if the rest of our suitemates and classmates made it out or not; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, the end of the dream took place at my parent’s house where I was hanging out with two men with whitish colored skin and their dog (maybe a Golden Retriever), and one of the men looked like a fake version of Takahata101 (Curtis Arnott) from Team Four Star (TeamFourStar) so I will call him Takahata.

Maybe earlier in the dream I had visited their house and now they were visiting my house, at some point we went outside, the other man left at some point leaving Takahata and the dog and I by an automobile parked where my dad’s automobile should be.

I remember Takahata and I cutting tall grass that was under the automobile, he used a mechanical cutting device and I used a manual cutting device, and I remember the dog walking around as we did this.

At some point we finished and we put the tall cut grass in piles, I went to get a bag or trash can to put the grass in, but when I got back I saw Takahata pouring gasoline on the cut grass which he had spread around on the ground.

It looked like he was about to burn the cut grass by the automobiles, gasoline containers, and spilt motor oil so I told him to stop and I asked what he was doing.

He said that he was going to burn the cut grass over a large muddy area to help the grass grow again, I told him that was dangerous to do in this location and unnecessary because we could just plant and spread the cut grass in this area instead, but Takahata became angry and he started walking away ignoring me.

I followed him by the storage buildings where he sat down, he continued ignoring me as I talked to him, and I told him that I would call my dad to see if it was okay for him to burn the grass or not.

Slowly he started to become less angry and he slowly stopped ignoring me, I told Takahata that I heard and knew that controlled burns could help the grass (plants) grow, and that we could possibly try it once we clear the area of the automobiles and flammable materials and have proper safety gear.

Takahata finally spoke and said that sounded good, he seemed to be feeling happier now, and then went to call my dad using my mobile phone, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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