A College Professor & An Engineer From Prometheus? | Gummi Candy

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this transitioning dream from last night is that it took place or started inside a college classroom where I was a student in a class being taught by a male college professor with whitish colored skin with short brown and/or black hair, and it seemed to be a history class where the professor taught in a special style that seemed to combine history and philosophy.

The professor tried to make it easier for us to understand and remember and he encouraged debate and conversation on each topic, it was an interesting teaching style, and this dream was very detailed and was like being in a real college class.

At some point I remember a male student with white skin questioning the professor on how he presented a certain topic or person in history, and the professor responded and explained his method and teaching style and why he did things this way.

At some point the dream transitioned to where most of my classmates were gone and I was sitting at a table with the professor, my dad, two old style European military generals with white skin wearing old style military dress uniforms, and several other people as we debated and talked about various topics in history as the professor moderated.

Two of the topics that I remember were World War II and Nazi Germany, my dad made a statement where he said that The United States did not go far enough in his opinion, and several of the others responded in anger and cut him off before he could explain what he meant.

They assumed that he was suggesting that The United States should have destroyed Germany but he did not say that, but I also wondered what he meant.

My dad kept trying to finish his statement but the two European military generals kept cutting him off and telling him to stop talking, the two generals were rude and over-confident and acted like know-it-alls, and one of the generals who had an old style mustache insulted me for no clear reason.

The general told my dad that I was defeated and weak and maybe useless and/or several mean things like that, I have no idea why he insulted me because I did not say or do anything, and so there was a brief back and forth over this before the conversation continued.

The dream transitioned to another part of the building or another building with long open halls with sitting areas and other areas, and I was with a group of people and we seemed to be a random group who were supposed to be working together as a team for something that I can not remember.

There was a tall muscular pale white humanoid male in our group who looked somewhat like an Engineer (Pilot, Space Jockey, Ossian, Mala’kak) from the film Prometheus, an alien species, and to most of us he did not seem human and we wondered if he was an alien or an android or an alien android.

Prometheus Deleted Scene: The Engineer Speaks (short edit)

I do not remember him saying anything, maybe he did but I can not remember, and I remember most of us thinking that something was strange about him and so we kept an eye on him.

At some point most of us started to feel and think that he was going to go crazy or show his true self and start attacking us and killing us, I can not remember what made us think this, but as time went on this seemed more likely.

He possibly started to act strange at some point and maybe he did go crazy and attack, but I can not remember and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day at The E House, maybe my former uncle DE (DW) had a small mobile home in front of The E House, and maybe I saw him and my male cousin DE earlier in the dream but I can not remember.

Later in the dream I was inside The E House with maybe my brother GC or someone else, I can not remember what was going on but I remember looking for a hiding place and a way to escape The E House in an emergency, and in the breakfast room I found out that I could not only open the window but I could also open the window screen which would allow me to escape through that window.

I am not sure what was going on that led to this, maybe a training scenario and/or a scary film-like scenario, but whatever was going on ended once I found this escape route.

I then went inside the small mobile home, there was a fictional somewhat old woman with white skin and yellow and gray and/or whitish colored hair trying to sleep in a bed, and I remember asking her if she needed anything and she said that she was looking for some gummi bears.

I looked around and on a shelf I saw some gummi worms so I told her this, she thanked me and she told me to put them on a table so I did, and then she said that she was going to go back to sleep so I said goodbye and I left; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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