An Eviction Job & Aaron Chiz Making Sex Videos

File: Foreclosure Deserted House.jpeg
Description: English: Foreclosure, Mortgage Crisis. Deserted House.

I can not remember the beginning or the end of this transitioning dream from last night because of pain and discomfort interrupting my sleep thanks to my old mattress and maybe my sleeping positions, and so I can not remember the lead-up to this part of the dream.

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day, an unknown man and I had both been jobless for a long time, and we needed a job, and one day we got a job working for a man with white skin with maybe a bald spot who probably owned an apartment building.

I do not think that the man and I knew each other, but I could be wrong, I think that we both met when we both went to apply for a job or when we both got offered a job by the apartment owner, and it was probably a one-time job.

The job was that we were to remove everything from one of the apartment rooms because the people living there had been behind on their rent for a while and had not paid, and so we were to put all of their stuff outside because they were being evicted.

We accepted the job, and we walked on an upper floor to the apartment room, we walked inside of the apartment and to our surprise there were various children (kids) there, but there were no adults around.

We did not expect this or for anyone to be there, we told the kids why we were there, and we started moving the stuff inside the apartment outside as the kids looked confused and asked us questions.

We felt bad about this, the kids and this family were clearly poor and lower-class like we are, and their parents were probably gone looking for jobs and/or working, and at some point a man with dark brown skin wearing a baseball hat (cap) arrived in the apartment, so I assumed that he was the father, so we told him what we were doing.

Shortly after this the other man and I felt so bad that we decided to bring all the stuff back inside the apartment, we told the man and his kids that we would help them pay their rent that they were behind on, and that we would help him and his wife find a job and/or source of income to help them pay their own rent each month from now on.

We told them how we have struggled for years too and how we were also poor and lower-class, we did not think that this job was worth making people homeless, and we knew that the system was unbalanced and unfair and illogical, and so we were not going to go through with helping to evict them from their apartment.

We asked him how much did they owe the owner so that we could combine our money to go pay him now, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream involved me watching a fictional YouTube video by Aaron Chiz and the video was of Aaron in a room, I can not remember the details, but I think that the video became strange and involved simulated sex and/or masturbation, but it was probably not real.

That video was surprising and confusing enough, but it got worse, there was another video or real scene where Aaron was in a room again and laying on a bed, but this time there was an older woman who was an old former (?) fictional pornographic actress with white skin with fading long yellow hair in the bed with him and this was real and not simulated.

They were having sex partly clothed with Aaron laying on his back with his head on the pillows while the former pornographic actress was in the cowgirl sex position as they had sex, but all that I can remember after this is Aaron about to have an orgasm and making various facials expressions and sounds as he laid back further and/or him having an orgasm.

There was another part of the dream after this that had nothing to do with this or the first part of the dream, but I can not remember this part of the dream now after the sleeping pain and discomfort disturbed my sleep and dream.

The end,

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