An Old Man Calls The Police On Me | In Bed With My Former Classmate CR | Defending Against Zombies

During and/or after one or more of my dreams from last night I remember hearing part of the song Get Down Saturday Night by Oliver Cheatham, but I can not remember when I heard it:

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I can not remember most of the dream so it does not make much sense at the beginning of what I do remember, I remember that it was night, and maybe I parked my automobile outside a one-story building.

I possibly had driven around and stopped at several places and went inside, maybe I was looking for directions, but each time I probably found out that each area was a restricted area and I looked suspicious so I would leave each time to avoid getting arrested.

This one-story building possibly had an open door that I walked inside to find a room with many beds with mostly old people sleeping on them like a nursing home, there were a few younger people but most were old, and I was probably about to leave when a little girl with yellow and white skin with black hair tried to follow me outside.

I did not want the little girl wandering outside alone without her parent’s at night so I waited hoping that her parent’s would wake up and get her so that she would not follow me, while I waited I noticed that the girl would smile and laugh when I moved, and so I did some goofy dances and movements to entertain her while I waited.

An old man with white skin with gray and/or white hair woke up and saw me, I looked suspicious being inside their building near a little girl at night, and so he started drawing a picture of me before calling the police so I left right before he called the police.

I drove to what I think was a college and college dorm where I assume that I was a student, I hoped that the police would not be looking for me, but I saw some people watching television and on the news was the man’s drawing of me that looked very accurate and the police were looking for the man in that drawing because of how I suspiciously went to and from several restricted areas during the night (by accident).

They did not know who I was so I hoped that no one would realize that it was me, I remember telling the others about how that drawing looked like me to see what their reactions would be, and they agreed but none of them thought that it was really me.

In this dream I had a job working with a somewhat popular unknown fictional channel on YouTube where I got to work behind the scenes and sometimes be in YouTube videos on that channel and on other channels like Happyhour so I was more known in the dream than in real life, and so I hoped that would help reduce the chance(s) that anyone would realize or think that was me in the drawing.

I remember walking through halls on an upper floor of a windowless building that was probably a dorm as I walked by large groups of students, a female student with white skin with long yellow hair recognized me and asked me if I worked for Happyhour, and I said yes even though I did not work for them but with them because I assumed that is what she meant and I did not feel like explaining it.

The student possibly misunderstood me and thought that I said no so I went to correct this but she did not hear me at first so I kept walking, as I walked a few other people recognized me saying that they saw me on YouTube, and a few of them knew me by name.

This was interesting being known and recognized, I do not like this or want this in real life, but it was interesting in the dream.

I walked by other people who possibly included some police officers, I even greeted them and some of them possibly knew me, and no one realized that I was the man in the drawing yet but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this unclear dream from last night is being on what seemed to be an upper floor of a windowless apartment or dorm with probably brown carpet and walls and ceiling, and I was in bed with a woman who was probably my former female classmate CR and we seemed to be either dating or very close friends.

The area that we were in was strange and seemed like our bed was in a corner of a hall near the stair door combined with a bedroom combined with a store that did not look like a store, and so even though it was quiet people would walk by sometimes.

I can not remember the details, I know that we were in bed relaxing and trying to sleep, and I remember us talking and changing positions.

We did not have socks on and at some point I remember us putting our feet in the air and pushing our feet together, my feet were cold and her’s were warm so this felt nice and realistic, and I remember noticing that her feet were slightly bigger than mine or the same size so we started talking about that but that is all that I can remember of this mostly forgotten dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is being inside a windowless building like the one from the second dream except it felt that I was on a ground or underground floor, and my mom and I walked into a very large room with a very tall ceiling that felt somewhat cave-like and indoor and outdoor with a combination of a store and small stadium and restaurant and some other areas.

There were several obese women with dark brown and black skin with black hair working in the various areas, there were a few other people around, and then I saw my former male classmate DH.

As soon as we entered the room we somehow felt that there was danger and that we had to act quickly, my former classmate DH and I glance around for a defensible area, and we chose a large bar-like area with various short push open doors.

We told everyone to get in this area and start blocking the short bar doors with objects while grabbing things to use as weapons, we did not have enough time to scout the area or use most of the military knowledge of my former classmate DH, but I did choose one area as the emergency escape route that led to the stadium-like area.

Before everyone could get fully prepared we were attacked by waves of zombie-like infected-like humans I guess who moved faster than zombies so they moved like fast wild crazed humans, and I had to grab a long heavy duty wooden yardstick or ruler or measuring rod to use as a weapon because I had spent most of my time preparing the defenses and organizing everyone else.

Only a few of us grabbed weapons in time while my mom and most of the others stood back, I did not like my weapon but it was all that I had, and so I started chopping zombies in the head with the yardstick while giving commands to the others and constantly checking the defenses.

My idea to block the doors and our idea to use this area to defend from seemed to be working but things had not been fully prepared so the zombies were close to breaking through, and so I had to run around chopping zombies in the head until my yardstick broke.

I yelled for someone to throw me a new weapon as the situation got intense and the zombies were about to get through, and someone threw me a metal baseball bat and the situation changed quickly after I finally got a good weapon.

I yelled for the others to grab weapons and to prevent the zombies from breaking through the doors, and then I went to work busting zombies heads with the baseball bat.

My former classmate DH, some of the others, and I started fighting back in our last stand to hold this area before using the escape route if necessary.

My baseball bat allowed me to be much more effective in combat and I became a zombie killing machine busting zombie heads all over the place until the waves of zombies stopped, we stopped to make sure that everyone was okay, and everyone was okay.

One of the female workers had her back facing too close a door where a zombie could bite her so I told her about this, and I recommended that she stand back further and watch her back.

I told the others to start improving the defenses and I was going to scout the area to see if all the zombies were dead, where they came from, if the escape route was clear, and but I stopped to talk about my plan with my former classmate DH and some of the others first.

I remember noticing that the dead zombie bodies by the doors had helped to keep the other zombies back so I probably suggested that we stack the bodies to better block the doors, as some worked on the defenses, I continued planning before going to scout because I was very confident now but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “An Old Man Calls The Police On Me | In Bed With My Former Classmate CR | Defending Against Zombies”

Hello Ingidisa/Jiuhl,

Yeah, it was probably like something that you would expect in the film Shaun Of The Dead or something like that. 😀

Yes, getting the baseball bat was like getting an enchanted weapon or something, if only you could have seen how things changed after that. 😀

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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