Disappointing My Teacher Grace Randolph And A Stealthy Baby Boy

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place inside a probably somewhat large windowless building with probably brown carpet for the hallways, and maybe hard white floors in some of the rooms.

This building had classrooms like it was partly a school or college, and there were some other rooms with beds that were like apartments or dorms but that is all that I can remember about this building.

I was a student and went to one or more classes during the dream, I know that Grace Randolph was my teacher for at least one of the classes, and I was one of the well-behaved students who probably did pretty good in her class or classes so I was probably one of her favorite and best students.

I think that my former male classmate DH was possibly in one of these classes, I had several major tests and/or schoolwork assignments and/or research papers in probably all of my classes like maybe it was near the end of the year, and so I remember working on this schoolwork for each class.

When I was in one of Grace classes I was working on the major schoolwork for her class, some of the other classes, and doing several other things at once so I was overloaded.

I remember the rest of the class working hard and quietly as well, but at some point it was time to turn in our schoolwork to Grace but I had not finished my schoolwork yet because I spent too much time working on too many things at once.

I remember Grace being very disappointed in me and I was disappointed in myself, I was probably going to get a bad grade on this schoolwork and it probably was going to negatively effect/affect my overall grade in her class, and I remember Grace looking very disappointed in me and telling me that she was disappointed in me.

After class I was feeling a bit down and I remember going to one of the rooms with beds where I lived it seemed to sleep, there was another room with beds in the room next to mine with children (kids) in it, and their guardians or parents were gone so I ended up somewhat babysitting them.

They were sleeping and so I would leave my room and go to their room to check on them sometimes (I had to leave my room to walk in the hallway and open the door to their room), I would return to my room to try to sleep, but one of the kids who was a baby boy with white skin kept sneaking into my room messing with some objects that I can not remember.

I had to keep taking the baby boy back to his room and telling him to stay there and sleep and to not sneak into my room and mess with stuff, but he kept doing it anyway like it was fun to him.

It was a bit scary because this baby would crawl through the ventilation ducts and sneak into my room through various other small openings so he was very stealthy, and I was worried about him getting hurt.

At some point I got frustrated and angry so I yelled at him which hurt his feelings, this did get him to stop, but I felt bad so I went back to their room to apologize to him for yelling at him.

I explained why I did not want him doing what he was doing and how it was dangerous and not good, this made him feel a bit better, and then I told him to get some sleep but I woke up as I left the room.

The end,

-John Jr


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