Searching An Apartment & Looking For Alice Morgan

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that part of the dream was inspired by the animated film The Plague Dogs, which I watched last night, but I can not remember the details of how my dream was inspired by this film.

I think that there were possibly some dogs in my dream that possibly escaped from a research laboratory like in the film, and maybe some other people and I were looking for them at a multi-story apartment building because they were possibly a risk to others but I can not remember if that is correct or not.

Either way I remember several other people and I searching a multi-story possibly windowless apartment building, people were living in some parts of the apartment which looked okay, but some parts were probably empty and partly damaged or destroyed.

We were looking for several things that we had to find but there were also several things that I wanted to find and maybe some of the others had some things that they also wanted to find, and one of the main things that I wanted to find was actually a person.

This person was Alice Morgan from the television series Luther, I heard or knew that she had lived and/or was living in this apartment building, but I did not know where she was.

I can not remember why I wanted to find her so bad but I did, during our search around the apartment we would ask some of the people living there questions to help us in our search for the different things that we were searching for, and I would ask them if any of them had any information about Alice Morgan.

Some of the people had information that would help us, including information that confirmed that Alice Morgan used to and possibly still lived in this apartment building, and they would share memories and stories to help us in our search.

When they would tell us about some of their memories and stories that they heard, I would see these in the form of flashbacks, and I would look at these flashbacks for clues to help us in our search and in my search for Alice Morgan.

The most helpful people were usually older people, especially an old woman with white skin with gray and/or white hair who had lived at this apartment for many years, because they had been around for many years to see people come and go and they had more memories and stories to tell and they knew more people.

So this dream was an interesting combination of a real-time search combined with an exploration of memories and stories and flashbacks, and I remember us continuing our search as we got closer to finding the things that we were looking for.

I remember the name Anna (maybe Anna Kendrick and/or another woman named Anna) being mentioned several times, maybe she was a friend of Alice Morgan but I can not remember, and we probably looked for Anna hoping that she had some information that could help us and/or me.

I can not remember if we ever found Anna or not or if I ever found Alice Morgan or not or if we ever found the other things that we were looking for or not (I do know that we found some clues and evidence, probably in a dark and damaged part of the building that was possibly wet and partly caved in, and maybe we found the apartment room where Alice Morgan used to live with her parent’s when she was younger and her parent’s were still alive), and that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr

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