A Boy Prophet (Oracle) & Winning An Unfair Fight

I forgot the rest of this dream from last night but all that I can remember of this dream now is that something happened, possibly a fight or something where I and maybe some other people got attacked by a man with white skin and maybe some other people, and now we were in a church/courthouse/throne-like building like we were in an older time period when Christianity controlled most of Europe.

There was a small crowd of people watching and the man and I were standing in front of a throne-like chair (area) with a boy with white skin with long black hair who looked like a girl was sitting on the throne wearing robe-like clothing that almost looked like a dress so it was even harder to tell if this was a boy or a girl because of the clothing of this time period.

The boy seemed to be considered a judge and prophet (oracle) who the people thought had a special gifts (powers or abilities) given to him from their deity (probably the Christian God) and they thought that he had a special connection or way to communicate with their deity, and so he was going to use his powers to tell who was telling the truth.

There were some other kids or people standing near the boy as he asked us questions, the boy said some things and did a slight performance while he was sitting like he was using his gifts and communicating with their deity, and at first I assumed that he was faking and that he possibly did not really have special powers but probably just had good deductive reasoning skills.

But he started to mention things that really happened that we had not told him and he figured out that the man was lying, and he sentenced him as guilty of the crime so I started to wonder if he really had special powers.

It was clear to me that he did not really believe in their deity or religion, he was pretending to survive because they would probably kill him back in this time period, but his powers seemed real.

There was a scene that I saw explaining some of the origin or history of this boy, I saw him at an even younger age as his father (who had white skin) noticed that his son had special powers too, and the father explained that he also had special powers.

The father explained some of their powers, how they needed to be careful or the other would probably kill them, and more.

Their main powers seemed to be the ability to see some possible futures, to see the past, and to tell if someone is lying or not.

As the father was holding his young son and explaining this his son started to have visions of himself dying, I could see what he was seeing, and he saw himself breaking apart starting from the head.

It was terrible and he thought that he was really dying so he screamed and then went quiet like he fainted and was dying, his father wondered what was wrong, and then his father saw what his son was seeing.

The father then started to see visions of possible futures that were real scenes of events from the future and people from the future, and some were possibly things that have not happened yet.

He saw some of the changes to our world and the negatives associated with the modern world like our political systems and economic systems like capitalism et cetera and negative decisions by politicians and war so I saw what looked like scenes of politicians like Donald Rumsfeld and Henry Kissinger and others including business people and other elites, scenes from maybe the Vietnam War with American soldiers and dead civilians and scenes of other wars and death, nuclear explosions from the first nuclear tests and when The United States used nuclear weapons on civilians and possible future events that have not taken place yet of nuclear weapons possibly being used on a larger scale around the world (I could only see the top of the explosions so I could not tell when or where they were happening or any other information, and so I could be wrong about that), and these are just some of the visions that I can remember seeing that flashed through the father’s mind.

The father was confused not realizing who some of the faces were like Donald Rumsfeld and Henry Kissinger and the others so he thought that maybe those were possibly futures of what his son would become and what he would do to the world with his negative political and other decisions and actions, and he feared for his son’s and the world’s future wondering if he would become a wicked man who causes destruction around the world or of the world.

But that is all that I can remember before the dream transitioned from the boy’s origin story or history back to the normal dream, I am not sure if his father was still alive now or not, but the boy seemed to be pretending to be a prophet (oracle) for this religion to survive during this time period where they would kill him if he did not pretend to have his powers from their deity; but his powers were real.

I also wondered how many years had past, to me it seemed that maybe many had years had passed but somehow he still looked like a boy, and so I wondered if he did not age; but the dream transitioned to something else.

I was in a competition that seemed to be somewhat like a reality television show where two teams had to fight each other with ranged weapons, mêlée weapons, and hand-to-hand combat.

My team had nothing but unknown non-professionals on it and we were against a team of action movie stars like Dolph Lundgren and Arnold Schwarzenegger, professional wrestlers (male and female), mixed martial artists (male and female), et cetera.

I had a gauss rifle from the video game Fallout 4 and a pistol holstered at my side and my team and I started from a partly exposed building separated by a small body of water from the other side where the other team was, and the competition started as we ran to get into position inside the building.

We took cover and I got into sniping position, I saw a man on the other team running behind cover and he ducked, and when he looked up I sniped him in the head with my gauss rifle knocking him out of the competition.

Some of his team started to rush our side by boat and by swimming, I saw Dolph Lundgren swimming, and so I shot him with my gauss rifle but it did not effect him so I assumed that I missed.

Mr. Lundgren reached our shore with no shirt on and I shot him in the chest with my gauss rifle but he did not even flinch, I shot him in the head and/or arm as he ran closer but it still did not work, and so I had to hit him with the gauss rifle but it did not hurt him.

I did not think that my pistol would hurt him and I did not have time to draw it so I put down my guns to fight him in hand-to-hand combat, I was really trying to give myself some time to think without him attacking me, but then a short somewhat out of shape looking male mixed martial artist with white skin (I do not know his name) approached to fight me.

He did not look tough but I knew that he was a real mixed martial artist and that he should be able to easily defeat me, but I fought him anyway.

Even though I have no training my grappling skills are probably pretty good so I used them to survive long enough as he trashed talked me and as I talked to distract him, and eventually I saw an opening and I used it to defeat him eliminating him from the competition to everyone’s surprise.

It was still an unfair fight but our team was winning, I still did not know how to stop Mr. Lundgren, and the rest of his team were making moves around the area to attack us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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