The Making Of A Pornographic Film With Azlea Antistia?

I can not remember most of my dreams from last night after going to bed very late and having a painful sleep on my old mattress that has me feeling like someone has been torturing my back like someone put me in the Boston crab or some other type of submission hold or like someone has been hitting me in my back with steel chairs or slamming me through tables in a tables match, but I do remember part of my last dream.

This dream was probably inspired by a sex dream that I read last night by fellow blogger Ingidisa/Jiuhl called Demon Sex, hopefully this does not increase the number of creep-os and spam toward that post, I am just crediting the assumed inspiration for this dream. 😉

This dream is unclear and confusing and it kept switching points of view from the points of view of the film directors, film crew, audience, actors or pornographic actors and actresses or pornographic actresses, et cetera; and my role (job) in the dream switched between these roles and points of views as well.

The dream took place possibly during the day inside a windowless dimly lit house-like building where a film was being filmed (made), some of the house-like parts were similar to The E House and some parts were building-like, and I remember walking into the entrance area that was crowded with members of the film crew.

I remember walking around trying to figure out what was going on, I saw mostly or all male workers in the entrance area and one of them was my former male coworker and team leader Mr. LS from LBS, and I noticed that many of the male workers (not Mr. LS) were wearing large tan (light brown) handgun holsters like they were protesting in favor of or making a statement in support of open carry.

I asked my former coworker and team leader Mr. LS about why were some (many) of the workers wearing handgun holsters, he seemed very cautious like he had to be careful of what he said to avoid offending them, but I can not remember what he told me (probably not much).

After this I eventually moved further inside the building where it seemed that they were filming a pornographic film with the Azlea Antistia as the main star (oddly I do not remember seeing many women in this dream, and she is the only woman I can clearly remember seeing and working with several times because she was the main star and actress it seemed), and this dream was very detailed on the filmmaking process so it was mostly focused on the slow and boring stuff in filmmaking so there was actually little nudity or sex in this dream because the focus was on setting up the scenes and angles and cameras and lightning and sound and dialogue et cetera.

The points of view jumped between the directors, actors and actresses, film crew, and the audience with me sometimes moving between these roles (jobs) and points of view as well.

During one part of the dream I was one of the actors in a sex scene with Azlea as she laid on a table or couch or bed with me over her, we had to pose in different positions for photographs and as they set up the scene, and so it was mostly slow and boring posing with our clothes still mostly on as they had to keep stopping to adjust the scene constantly.

To make things even more confusing the dream was also jumping between scenes of people involved with the film being interviewed about the film each time that this happened it was not clear what kind of film was this really and so it jumped between seeming like a pornographic film, a pornographic film pretending to be a normal film, a pornographic-like normal film, a normal film pretending to be a pornographic film, a hybrid between the two, et cetera so it was never clear what kind of film this was exactly or what it was about exactly.

In some or most of the interviews Azlea did not look like herself and she looked old and she had darker colored skin and a strange messed up partly thinning and receding hairline and she looked like a completely different person, some of the interviews involved people praising the film, and maybe even The White House and The President Of The United States or somewhere and someone surprising like that was hosting an event for the film as a great achievement in filmmaking.

Most of these interviews seemed to be made by the people making the film but I could be wrong so they were possibly biased and partly fake, but nothing was clear and I do not know.

In the interviews the film directors would talk in detail about the scenes that they directed, the actors and actresses would talk about what it was like being in the film, the film crew would talk about the technical details, and the audience and sponsors and hosts et cetera would talk about their feelings about the film et cetera.

Besides the interviews making things confusing I also would sometimes see scenes and trailers and teaser trailers from the film that also made it unclear what type of film this really was, and each of these scenes and trailers would leave you with different impressions of what type of film this really was and what it was really even about.

This dream was probably the most detailed filmmaking dream that I have ever had, it was interesting seeing the slow and boring details of filmmaking, and how much goes into making each scene and each film.

The sex scenes were usually very unsexy getting to see them being made in their slow and boring and constantly stopping way, and so it clearly took some work and skill and acting to make them look sexy and at least slightly believable for the finished product (scene).

There may have been some scenes of everyone celebrating finishing the film, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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