John Jr Featured On A Screenshot On The WordPress Tavern (WP Tavern)

File:Walk of fame.JPG
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Tonight I was reading a post at the WordPress Tavern (WP Tavern) called The Quest For A Centralized WordPress Notifications Center when I noticed that I was featured in one of the screenshots on that post.

That surprised me and it made me smile and laugh a bit, and so I decided to make this post about it. 😀

Thank you Jeff Chandler 😎,

-John Jr


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  1. FLYNN B. says:

    First, I did indeed see a screen shot of your “like”. Second, I couldn’t figure out how to post a comment via this WordPress app and clicked on a hash tag for “John Jr” in error. Congratulations!

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    1. John Jr says:

      Thank you Flynn, I never used the App, and so I can only try to imagine what that might have looked like. 😀

      -John Jr

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