Restaurants & A Warehouse

I did not voice record my dreams from last night so I forgot most of my dreams except for barely part of my last dream, and all that I can remember of this dream is that maybe the dream started outside during the day and maybe at or near a college.

Later in the dream I remember being inside a windowless building with several small restaurants and some other places and businesses, there were a variety of people there, and I walked to several areas probably trying to pick a place to eat at some point.

I walked to the back of one area to a small private-like room where a wedding party seemed to be taking place at a restaurant, the restaurant was currently only open to members of the wedding party, but I did not know this at first.

I was wearing my black dress-like shoes which were dusty (dirty), I guess the workers assumed that I was with the wedding party at first, and so I was able to walk into the party where people were sitting down eating and drinking and talking.

People started staring at me because they did not recognize me it seemed, I noticed that my shoes were dirty so I cleaned them off, and eventually I was asked to leave because this was private party so I apologized and left.

Eventually I walked into another small restaurant where there were some people I possibly knew among the small crowd, this was a small family run restaurant, and I remember the family taking our orders.

We waited for a long time when we realized that our food was possibly not being made like the family was refusing to serve us all for some reason, a female member of the family probably angrily responded to us, and probably told us that they were closed and that we had to leave so we probably all left.

Later in the dream I was with my dad and a fictional man he knew, we were inside a warehouse where the man worked, and he was taking us to get some free stuff in the warehouse.

As we walked I started to get the feeling that he had not asked permission and that we could get in trouble if someone caught us, the business was closed it seemed and I assumed that the cameras were off but I was not sure, and once we reached the area where the stuff was some other workers appeared.

My dad and I tried to act like we were supposed to be there but some of the workers looked suspicious so one of them, a man with white skin, started talking to me so I pretended to be there temporarily to see what working at a warehouse was like.

Our act seemed to be working as we started moving boxes to blend in as the man my dad knew waited for an opportunity to give us the free stuff and help us leave without looking suspicious, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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