Strange Things Happening Involving Automobiles And / Or Houses?

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

After typing today’s dream (A Women’s Soccer Practice And A Men’s American Football Practice | April 28, 2016) I sat down on the couch to rest my legs for a moment (I stand up most of the day, and I have a standing desk) when suddenly a very old dream from many years ago before I had a blog came to my mind, and so I am not sure when I had this dream but I know that it was many years ago before I even knew what blogs were and possibly before blogs were even a thing.

I was probably still in public school back when I had this dream, I have no idea why it suddenly came to my mind when I sat down, and I am amazed that I can barely remember part of an old (ancient) forgotten dream that I never recorded.

All that I can remember of this old dream is that it was a gray day, I remember a small neighborhood with several houses, and I remember seeing a maybe blue-gray maybe somewhat Gothic-style or Victorian-style two-story wooden house with some automobiles parked along the street outside of it and other houses by maybe some sidewalks and some of the houses had short partial fences.

Strange things that I can not remember were happening in the dream involving some automobiles and maybe some of the houses, maybe something paranormal and/or supernatural and/or somehow some of the automobiles and/or houses seemed to be autonomous and/or being controlled or haunted by someone or something or some technology, and so I probably saw some automobiles move around the neighborhood on their own but I can not remember.

I probably went in some of the houses where strange things probably happened where things probably moved on their own but I can not remember, and maybe there was a bit of conflict between me and possibly some other people and the houses and/or automobiles and/or whatever or whoever was controlling or haunting them but I can not remember.

There was possibly a family or several families involved in this dream (maybe a family feud and/or they had some kind of connection with the strangeness) but I can not remember, I just remember being outside in the street standing and looking at the automobiles and the two-story somewhat Gothic-style house, and before this I was probably parked in my automobile along the right side of the street and sidewalk looking out the window and maybe waiting on someone or something.

But that is all that I can remember of this old (ancient) never recorded forgotten dreams from many years ago.

The end,

-John Jr

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