House Martell Finds Gregor Clegane (The Mountain)?

I did not voice record my dreams or try to remember them so I can only remember part of a few random dream fragments, and so I am not sure if they are part of one or more dreams or not.

Dream 1

One dream fragment involved some of my former classmates like my former male classmates DH and JC, I remember talking with them, and I remember them smiling and laughing.

This was a positive dream fragment, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream fragment is that it seemed to involve House Martell or a fictional version of House Martell from the television series Game Of Thrones, and it took place during the day outdoors and maybe partly indoors.

I think that some of the members of House Martell were together in a field and building or semi-indoor building among other people having a good time, and a girl or young woman from House Martell was walking when she noticed a very large man walking among a crowd.

She eventually realized that the large man was possibly Gregor Clegane (The Mountain) who raped and killed Elia Martell after killing her children Rhaenys Targaryen and Aegon Targaryen, and so she wanted to kill him and finally get revenge and justice for the rape and murders of some of their family.

She went to tell the rest of her family hoping to get confirmation that the man was really The Mountain, and she gave an angry and emotional speech reminded them what he had done and for them to prepare themselves to finally get their revenge.

I remember her approaching the man asking him if he was The Mountain, he denied it but she did not believe him, and slowly more members of House Martell arrived angrily questioning the man and accusing him of being The Mountain and that they were going to get their revenge but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

The end,

-John Jr

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