A Very Sexual Suggestive (Risqué) 1980s Film

I did not voice record my dreams and I had several detailed dreams, but unfortunately I forgot most of them and can only barely remember part of several dreams at this time which I will quickly type without bothering to cover all the details.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me watching an old unknown fictional film from the 1980s that I either found or was already playing when I walked into the room or someone brought for me to watch et cetera but I can not remember, the film took place inside a dimly lit windowless one-story house with brown carpet and walls et cetera, and all the people living inside the house had white skin.

Living in this house was an attractive woman with long yellow hair, several possibly underage sisters of different ages with yellow hair and maybe a few had slightly brown hair but I can not remember, at least one boy with short hair, and I can not remember who else lived in the house.

The look of the film and hairstyles and clothing styles and furniture et cetera looked like they were from the 1980s so this was realistic, I had no idea what this film was about and I can not remember what most of it was about, but at some point I remember a scene in a bedroom with the woman and the boy.

This scene slowly became more awkward and sexually suggestive eventually it became completely risqué to where it seemed that the woman and boy possibly took a bath together, and it seems that maybe they had sex but this was not shown are said but possibly teasingly implied.

I was shocked and confused by this and I wondered how was this even made and was that even legal back then, if my guess was correct, and so I assumed that they were just pretending to imply this and trying to be risqué and maybe the actor was not really a boy but just looked like it.

The sexually suggestiveness got even worse until at some point there was a scene where the girls were possibly at a school or with some of their school friends hanging out in maybe an attic listening to some 1980s sounding music and dancing and posing like school friends having fun, and then they dared each other to get naked and have a very sexually suggestive dance-off where they were basically doing simulated sex moves and poses to music.

Many of them got naked and all the nudity was shown, I was super shocked and confused and I looked away and around the room wondering what was going on and what kind of film was this, and I wondered were these actresses really underage or older actresses playing underage characters.

This was very awkward and uncomfortable and shocking like some kind of normal film that was part porn film and part child pornography at this point, even if these actresses were really adults this was not acceptable to me, and I did not want to finish this film because this was just going too far to me.

I probably turned off the film and started thinking about many questions involving this film and how was it even made and was it even legal and what was it rated who found this film et cetera, I imagined that this film probably got a lot of backlash back when it was made and it seemed that it was probably made to shock and annoy certain people back when it was made like they were trying to push the boundaries of what was acceptable in film and society, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream is super unclear and only remembered in random parts, part of the dream took place outside during the day and some parts took place inside dorms and other buildings at a college and at some other places, and involved memories and events in different time periods.

One part of the dream took place in a fictional past when my brothers and I were younger and living in a fictional place, we found a small pistol on the ground that shot .22 long rounds, and we took it to our parent’s and we ended up keeping the gun.

Years later I remember being at a college maybe helping someone move into a dorm, I remember meeting this person’s father who was somewhat like a fictional version of Mr. S the father of my former male classmate SS, and I remember talking with the father inside the dorm and outside as we moved things in the dorm.

Somehow the .22 pistol that my brothers and I found many years ago was talked about, I think that the pistol was there somehow and he was looking at it, and I told him the story of how we found it.

I felt that we did not need it and it was dangerous and that it should be given to the police now, and so after helping them and talking with them I left to take it to the police but is all that I can remember of this dream.

I had some other dreams before this that I can not remember, but maybe I will remember part of them later and type them here.

The end,

-John Jr

3 thoughts on “A Very Sexual Suggestive (Risqué) 1980s Film”

  1. strange dream..have you ever saw that movie Dirty Dancing? Well the group of simulating sexual dances the only difference was that the adults were fully clothed.
    Also I’m surprised you was not aroused seeing those sexual images. But keep in mind there are entities who can manipulate thoughts perhaps a succubus passed through made an attempt to get you aroused with those sexual images……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello True George,

      Yes it was, and a somewhat uncomfortable one.

      Surprisingly I have never seen the film Dirty Dancing yet, I have heard of it, but I never seen it.

      I probably would have been aroused if only adults were in that scene, but in the film it seemed that the girls were probably underage between the junior high school and high school age ranges so I looked away and turned that off; and that is what made it even more shocking and uncomfortable and bothered me, and that is why I was not aroused.

      There have been a few dreams that have almost made me wonder if some of those entities could possibly be real, unfortunately I can not remember which dreams exactly, but here are three random dream posts that came to my mind but may have nothing to do with possibly succubi:

      1. https://johnjronline.wordpress.com/2009/02/03/vampire-paradise/

      2. https://johnjronline.wordpress.com/2011/02/19/9-8-2010-several-dream-fragments/

      3. https://johnjronline.wordpress.com/2010/01/12/dream-fragment-lady-on-the-couch-one-of-my-scariestuniqueoddinteresting-dream-fragments/

      Thank you for surprising me with another comment.

      -John Jr


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