A Powerful Witch Drains The Life Force Of Another Witch

I slept well, I did not voice record my dreams, and I woke up and went back to sleep several times because I needed to use the bathroom but I just kept going back to sleep instead so I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of the end of my last dream from last night.

All that I can remember of the dream is that it took place during the day, I could be wrong but the dream possibly started showing several women who would probably be called witches talking at a grocery store or outside of one that looked like the BB Grocery Store on the Westside of the city of D, and in this dream there seemed to be real magic or powers through what I assume was witchcraft that was supernatural and/or paranormal.

The women were like normal people and were not acting evil or anything like the false stereotype of witches, they were just people who could use real witchcraft (magic) it seemed and this somewhat reminded me of witches on the television series True Blood, and maybe most people still did not know that there was real witchcraft (magic) and that some people could do it.

They seemed to be using their magic for good and neutral purposes usually, the women were probably friends or would at least meet sometimes since they had magic in common, and one of the women was a woman with dark brown skin with black hair wearing maybe a bandanna (kerchief).

At some point this woman went home because a man was coming over to visit her, maybe a date, and while she was at home preparing things she started using some of her magic doing something that possibly involved flowers or something to make things more romantic.

She suddenly remembered that there used to be a powerful witch, who was possibly in another dimension now like maybe she had been killed or something like that but was able to survive partly in another dimension, but I can not remember.

She decided to use her magic to communicate or visit this powerful witch to bring her some flowers or something nice that she used to like, hoping to bring some joy to this powerful witch who was in this other dimension, and she was able to find and communicate with this powerful witch.

Unfortunately the powerful witch suddenly drained a lot of the life force (energy or vitality) from the woman, because she needed it to restore her body and magic enough to escape this dimension, but first she needed to use it to slowly heal and repair her body and magic until she could escape this dimension finally after all of these years.

The woman was now almost completely drained and she now looked very old, she was too weak to even get out of bed, and so she could only lay there like she was close to death.

The man arrived at her door and knocked but he got no answer, he somehow immediately knew that something was wrong, and so he started knocking loudly and yelling her name but he still go no response.

The man then hit the door several times until he forced it open, he found the woman on the bed looking old and drained, and he started to panic and wanted to call for an ambulance.

This was magic related and could not be logically explained and would possibly reveal that magic was real so the woman probably told him to not call an ambulance, she could barely talk, but she tried to explain what had happened.

The man knew that she needed help but he did not know what to do, he wanted to contact one or more of her witch friends but he did not know how to contact them, and maybe the woman lost consciousness before she could tell him how to contact them.

He then tried to find a way to contact them because he knew that she needed to be stabilized and that they needed to get her life force back from the powerful witch before it was too late, because eventually the powerful witch would be restored enough to leave the dimension and she would probably be too powerful to stop, but I woke up as he was maybe calling phone numbers trying to contact her friends.

The end,

-John Jr

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