A Wonderful Walk And Conversation With A Woman

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream from last night, all that I can remember is that at some point in the dream I seemed to be in or near downtown of the city of D during the day, and I remember walking as there were other people around.

My memory is too messed up but I think that I worked with a secret Human organization involved with aliens where we would search for and find aliens, alien objects, et cetera and investigate and research and interrogate et cetera them.

We had secret facilities around the world I assume, one was a small underground facility near downtown D off the side of the road behind the abandoned buildings near The I Theater, and I had an alien object and some alien information that I had found that I was taking to this small secret underground facility.

My memory is mostly destroyed and I can not remember which of these is correct but I remember going through a metal door in the ground to climb down into the secret underground facility, which was a small one used for mostly interrogations and storing and investigating alien objects it seemed, and there was a woman with white skin with yellow hair working in this facility.

I can not remember if I was alone at this point or if the woman who(m) I will mention later was with me or not, it is possible that I went here alone and then returned with the woman later, but I can not remember so maybe I will type both possibilities because I am not sure.

The woman working in this facility seemed a bit like a tough but fair military police officer, she was interrogating a pregnant female humanoid kangaroo-like alien who had custom-built heavy-looking (it was probably light, but looked heavy like body armor from the Gears Of War video games) dark metal-like alien body armor custom-built by this alien herself, and so the body armor was of interest as well and maybe it was removed from the alien to be studied.

The interrogation and conditions seemed humane and fair, it did not seem like aliens were kept prisoner against their will usually, unless maybe it seemed necessary; but they probably were taken for interrogation against their will if they refused because they wanted to interrogate every new alien found to make sure that they were not a threat probably, but I have no idea.

The woman took a break from her interrogation of the alien to talk with me, I gave her the alien object and alien information that I had found and learned, and she took it to the secure storage and research area and thanked me.

We said a few other things that I can not remember and maybe I briefly talked with the female alien making sure that she was okay and being treated well and maybe asking her about her unborn baby and her custom-built body armor that impressed me, and I asked her if she needed anything.

The female alien and her unborn baby were doing well and probably did not need anything, and I said goodbye and I left to maybe walk home or somewhere else.

While I was still close to downtown I accidentally ended up in a conversation with a woman with white skin with long red hair who looked a bit like a combination of Amarna Miller and the musician Miley Cyrus back when she had long brown hair, I was walking and we maybe said hello and commented on something that just happened, and it accidentally started a conversation.

We started to walk and talk away from the downtown area like I was on my way home, we seemed to have an instant connection and our conversation and connection kept growing stronger as we walked and talked, and we talked about many things and it was a very positive and energizing and comfortable experience.

I became so relaxed and felt so close to her that I opened up about things that most of my family members (people outside my direct family (parents and siblings) do not know, I remember us smiling and laughing and being very energized by our conversation and time together, and I even took her to The E House to see where my mom’s parent’s and siblings used to live but it is now empty since my grandparent’s died.

I gave her a brief tour of mostly the outside while telling her various memories and stories about The E House and my mom’s side of the family that took place there during my life, and then we started walking back downtown continuing our great conversation.

I possibly took her to the secret underground facility but I can not remember, maybe she was part of the secret organization as well but I can not remember if this happened or not or if this was true or not, and I remember having such a good time with her that I did not want our conversation and time together to end.

I probably woke up as we reached downtown, and that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more that I can not remember before and during and after this.

The end,

-John Jr

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That’s a wonderful dream, JJ. I love those dreams where you find that special connection male/female. I think it means we’re in touch with ourselves, like we love something in ourselves…or…or…acceptance…I’m not sure what I mean. But I know that same feeling. Only my counterpart is male when it happens. It’s like floating in a warm, soothing gel.

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