Visiting A Family Owned Camp

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I had more dreams last night but I ended up forgetting all of them except for part of my last dream, I think that the dream started in the past or was showing fictional memories of the past when I was a kid, and I had some fictional family members among my real family members from my mom’s side of the family.

I had a fictional aunt and uncle and cousins who lived out in the wilderness or forest in their own large one-story camp-like house a camp area with fields, lake or pond, rivers, multiple buildings including a cafeteria-like kitchen and dinning room, et cetera.

Our family would probably have family gatherings and family reunions and vacations there, I had positive memories of spending the night there with my cousins and other family members, and enjoying the outdoors.

The dream jumped to years later when I was an adult, my fictional aunt and uncle who owned the camp-like place were dead now, and most of their children (my fictional cousins) had grown up and left the camp so now only one of their daughters or someone else with dark brown skin with black hair and her children lived there.

To make money this daughter or woman used the camp as a place where people would pay to vacation, they would use the other buildings, and her and her family used the main house.

My dad, my dead grandfather CE (who was alive in this dream somehow, and somehow I did not remember that he was supposed to be dead), a young fictional cousin with white skin with red or orange hair in a bowl-cut style who was or looked like Junior Healy from the Problem Child films, a slightly over-fat woman with white skin with long yellow hair who seemed (in appearance and personality) to be a combination of Mrs. J (the mother of my sister-in-law JC) and our female neighbor at The B House and the actress Amy Schumer, maybe one of my brothers, maybe one or two more people, and I were going to visit and stay at the camp for the first time in years.

At some point I remember us arriving by boat to the dock, I remember traveling across some fields and across a shallow river, and I remember my dad and I helping my grandfather CE across the shallow river as the hybrid of Mrs. J and our female neighbor and Amy Schumer talked and seemed eager to have some fun.

We reached the camp and greeted my fictional female cousin and her kids, she took us inside the main house to show us to our rooms, but for some reason I was taken to the room where all of her many kids lived in a room with many twin-sized beds; and this was the room that I used to spend the night in as a kid.

I remember thinking about some of my many memories as we unpacked and as I talked with the others telling them how things used to be, I did not know any of the woman’s children, and so this was my first time meeting them.

There were other people we saw outside and near the other buildings on their vacations at the camp, mostly middle-to-upper class middle-age and old people with white skin and gray and white hair wearing relaxed summer clothing, but I woke up as the kids (my fictional cousins) and I were talking.

The end,

-John Jr