A JeruZalem Inspired Dream

I had many detailed dreams last night so for that reason and for some other reasons (like getting awakened by a strange car alarm-like sound) I ended up forgetting most of them except for barely part of my last two dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day outside, I was in my parent’s yard, and the no-longer-abandoned house was behind my parent’s yard in the field instead of being on side of my parent’s yard by the alley (alleyway) and their house looked different and was lower to the ground (possibly because the ground was more sunken in this area and/or the house was shorter).

Their house was closer to our fence so I probably set up some wooden barricades to help keep their small dog in their yard because they let it run free around the neighborhood instead of keeping it in their yard, and I set up a few wooden pieces together as bridges with one bridge that allowed you to reach the roof of their house for some reasons that I can not remember.

At some point I saw their small dog chasing one of our cats, it chased our cat up the bridge and on the roof of their house, and when they got down I removed this bridge to avoid them from being able to get on their roof so easily but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream seemed to be inspired by the film JeruZalem, which I watched two days ago, but I could be wrong.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place in random clips or scenes and/or visions that I would see, but I am not sure if I was watching a film and/or if these were visions that I would see in my mind.

I remember a woman with white skin with long black hair, a woman with white skin with maybe long yellow hair, and a man from somewhere in Europe with white skin meeting by accident when they were traveling on their way to find somewhere to vacation but I do not think that either of them knew each other but I could be wrong.

They decided to travel together on vacation so they decided to stop somewhere in Europe first I think, I remember them going to a nice little mostly white two-story house to stay a few days I assume while they vacation around this European country, and I was seeing everything in random short scenes that jumped around.

Something that I can not remember went wrong with the woman with long black hair, in one scene I remember the man standing outside the house door like he was guarding it and he was wearing a black light vest of body armor it seemed, and then the woman with long yellow hair arrived like she was coming to feed and/or check on the woman with black hair like maybe she was sick and/or possessed by a demon or something and/or she was turned into a vampire or something like that.

I assume that the woman with yellow hair did not feed the woman with black hair in time or check on her in time because the woman with black hair was hiding on the ceiling near the chandelier over the entrance like she was either floating and/or flying and/or had crawled up the wall and held on magically like Spider-Man or something like that, like she had lost control of herself like she was changed and/or possessed because she looked very pale and scary and creepy like a vampire and/or possessed person and/or something like that, and so she jumped from the ceiling and attacked the woman with yellow hair.

The woman with yellow hair screamed and the man ran inside the house to see what was going on, I heard the sounds of them being killed by the woman with black hair I assume but I could not see what was happening, and I am not sure if she drank their blood and/or ate them or what happened to them.

There were some random scenes that showed what led up to this (maybe the woman with yellow hair and the man realized that something was wrong with the woman and tried to help her themselves at first, but made the mistake of not getting professional help first), and at the end I think that there was a scene where a person (maybe the owner of the house who was renting it out for tourists) entered the house to see if anyone was inside and the woman with black hair jumped from the ceiling to attack this person too but the scenes ended like a film ending or like the visions had ended.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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