Winning Money On Penny Slot Machines

I had more dreams last night, but I forget them except for four parts of my last dream.

Part 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the first part of the dream started during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and some of my former male classmates (MT, JB, maybe DH, and maybe one or two others) and some other people and I were walking on the left side of the road past where the BB Grocery Store should be on our way to a fictional public housing (project housing) area where some family members of maybe my former classmates MT and JB lived.

We arrived to the small project (public) housing area which had several small one-story housing buildings, an office, some rocks (gravel) and pavement and concrete and grass and dirt for people to walk on and play on et cetera, it was near a forest that was behind it, the houses were arranged in a way that formed a semi-courtyard, there was a school, and this area was in walking distance to some stores and gas stations and a bank et cetera.

I remember my former classmate MT and JB telling us that this area was in the process of having extra houses built on top of the other houses, there were not many houses in this area and the setup was very inefficient, and so I said that they should build several multi-story buildings so that they can save space and house more people.

This project housing area was clearly not cared about much or funded well and was not well-kept as usual, but it was in a nicer area and location than usual and it was good that there was a school.

Part 2

I remember us walking inside the school which was dimly lit and school (classes) was (were) taking place.

I remember seeing my former male junior high school Math teacher Mr. W walking around cleaning and searching for drugs, weapons, and other illegal items.

I stopped to greet him and then help him clean, I did not get involved with the search for illegal items, and I walked around the school with him cleaning as he complained about the younger generation and how many of them do not clean up behind themselves and about their bad behavior and he gave me other examples of negative things with this generation.

I remember seeing some students who acted like he had said and they also made big messes around the school that we had to clean up, at some point he stopped to deal with some illegal items that he found and bad behavior of some of the students, and then I left with my former classmates and the others.

Part 3

This part of the dream is too confusing and unclear so I could be wrong but I remember us stepping outside the school, in or near the public housing area I think that some people were trying to transport something involving something to do with paper (paperwork was possibly involved) to the public housing office maybe, but there were some people trying to stop them by blowing themselves up and/or setting off explosives.

I think that I remember suicide bombers running to and blowing up automobiles transporting the paper, this kept happening (a struggle as both sides tried to reach their goals), and so there were many explosions trying to stop any of the paper from reaching the public housing office probably but my memory is too unclear and messed up to make sense of this or whether this is correct or not.

Part 4

The others and I went to a casino because a man who was like a combination of the actors Gary Sinise and Steve Buscemi wanted to try to win money on the penny slot machines trying to raise money for something that I can not remember, and I remember the slot machine area being dimly lit.

The others gambled intensely but I did not gamble at first, the Mr. Sinise and Mr. Buscemi-like man convinced me to give it a try, and so I sat at the penny slot machine to the left of him and I put a penny in the slot machine as an experiment.

To my surprise I won 14 pennies that shot from the machine, surprised I put another penny in the machine and then I won $6-something in pennies so I had to grab a 5 gallon plastic bucket to try to catch the pennies falling (shooting) out, and I had to pick many pennies off of the floor.

A male security guard with dark brown skin wearing a tight tucked in T-shirt with dark-colored pants walked over to see what was going on and then continued his patrol while I continued picking up pennies off of the floor, and now I was a bit excited and having fun winning so many pennies.

The Mr. Sinise and Mr. Buscemi-like man told me that he told me that this can be fun and addicting and that we would win some money, and him and the others continued to intensely gamble and they were winning many pennies as well so they probably got smaller plastic buckets to hold their pennies.

After picking up most of the pennies I put the bucket in position to catch the pennies from now on, and then I put in another penny and I won the jackpot so the slot machine lit up and probably made sounds and the others probably cheered a bit.

I think that I won maybe $1, 000, instead of shooting out pennies this time it said to go collect my money from the window or collection office or whatever it is called, and so I tried to decide if I should do that now or wait until I was finished playing.

I did not want someone to take this slot machine while I was gone, I considered asking the others to save it for me, and I thought about the various ways that the collection office might offer to collect the money (cash, debit, in casino credit, et cetera) but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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