An Outdoor Wedding And Video Game With Dashie (Charlie Guzman)

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during late in the afternoon on a somewhat gray and/or cloudy day, and I was wearing a suit in a field with other men wearing suits as we played a sport.

At some point other people started to arrived dressed up including mostly people from my mom’s side of the family and unknown people, and a wedding was about to take place with one of my family members (probably an aunt) about to get married.

We started to get ready for the outdoor wedding in the field and we started the wedding at some point, at some point this part of the dream was interrupted by Dashie (Charlie Guzman) playing a real-time strategy-like video game that reminded me of the Total War video game series but it was almost like virtual reality and you were very close to the action, and had more control.

Dashie’s side looked like ancient Roman soldiers and I remember that he could see and/or control the actions of individual soldiers on the battlefield, and surprisingly Dashie won his first few battles.

Later Dashie’s army looked like they were from the Middle Ages, he lost one of these battles, and he was close to losing another one of these battles.

In these battles you had a king along with your army, you also had a messenger, and if you were losing you could try to send your messenger away from the battle with a message to warn your kingdom; and if your messenger escaped the battlefield you could maybe win the battle, but if your messenger died you would lose the battle.

Dashie was winning the battle at first and he sent his king and army to kill the king leading the other army, Dashie’s army and king killed the enemy king, but Dashie made the mistake of getting his king and army surrounded so he started losing.

Eventually Dashie’s king was killed as well and it was clear that he was going to lose, and so he sent his messenger to flee battle on horseback with a warning message to his kingdom.

Dashie watched as the other army chased his messenger trying to kill him, his messenger dodged and ran around obstacles, and his remaining soldiers trying to help slow the enemy down; and amazingly the messenger barely escaped and Dashie won the battle.

The dream returned to the wedding and then the wedding ended, I remember talking with some of my family members and my aunt VE had a cat in an open carrier/whatever (the top was not on) that she could carry and transport the cat in, and at first this cat did not realize that it could walk free if it wanted to.

My aunt VE went to check on her cat and it walked out toward her, it now realized that it could walk free, and so my aunt VE was not sure if it would stay now that it realized that it could walk free; and so she gave it some commands to stay and put it back in the carrier, the cat was partly trained, and she hoped that it would stay now.

We all walked to the wedding reception which was in a multi-story building near the field to eat, drink, listen to music, dance, et cetera.

There was some drama when a man and woman with relationship problems got into an argument or something, another man was possibly involved, and this caused a big scene.

Something strange happened where the woman and a man got sent underground at super high speeds after her boyfriend or husband cursed them and maybe told them to go to hell or something like that, and then the ground opened up and they were shot (sent) underground at such high speeds that their bodies started to probably look stretch and move like noodles as and when they reached the bottom and maybe they splattered on the ground but I can not remember.

The last part of the dream took place on the upper floor of a school, I was in a class and we were watching maybe a sports match on television, and the sister of my former male schoolmate N was in my class.

At some point I remember going to a small room where a fictional male schoolmate with white skin with dark hair was watching the sports match, he was in a special education (ed) class because he learned a bit slower than normal and he was probably a bit of a troublemaker, and so I sat and talked with him as we watched the television so that he would not be alone and because he was angry about something so I was trying to calm him down.

My plan worked and he calmed down and we talked as we watched the television, he told me that he was related to my former schoolmate N and his sister, and so I told him that the sister was in my class and I went and I got her so that she could join us.

The three of us then talked and watched the television, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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