Professional Wrestling | Zombies At A High School Graduation Event

I would like to once again thank Sissh for her time and effort giving me feedback on which theme that I should try using for my blog. 🙂

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it took place during maybe a somewhat gray day outside in a fictional area similar to B Park in the city of D, and I was walking with one or more people through this area.

A professional wrestling event was taking place it seemed so I saw various retired and current professional wrestlers from the WWE like Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, and more as we walked.

Some were in costume, some were shirtless, some were dressed normally, and some were wrestling while others were watching from the audience or watching from ring side.

I seemed to be working with the WWE but I am not sure, I remember saying hello to various wrestlers and they seemed to know me, but I woke up as I continued walking with one or more people through the action.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place on maybe the upper floor of a somewhat shopping mall-like building where a high school graduation event for seniors who were about to graduate from twelfth grade soon was taking place, and somehow I was in twelfth grade again and so most of my former classmates were there for this event.

The event was going to have food, music, drinks, slide shows, awards, games, and more with maybe family and friends et cetera being allowed to attend; and we would probably graduate within a week, and so this was a somewhat pre-graduation event taking place days before the real graduation.

I remember chairs being set up among aisles and parts of a store, this is where the slide shows and awards part of the event would take place, and so this is where we probably went first.

I remember talking with various former classmates and taking part in the event, at some point it was time for the food and drinks and games et cetera, and so some people ate and drank while others played games in another area and/or on another floor.

I remember going to one of these other areas and several other people and I got chased by zombies, this was possibly a game and competition where some people played the zombies while the other people were the runners, but I am not sure.

I just remember running from and dodging zombies, I was doing very good at first and they were too slow, but at some point they started to get fast and smarter; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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Oh John honestly it was a pleasure to help where I could after you’ve helped so much. Thank you though.
About your dream – I had to laugh a bit at the zombie one – getting free from highschool kinda is a bit like escaping a zombie attack isn’t it! XD lol

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You are welcome and thank you Sissh, and I will probably be annoying you again soon one day with some suggestions for your blog. 😉

Actually I could mention most of them now which mostly involves some widgets that I would like to suggest that you consider trying (testing) on your blog (basically most of the ones that I am using 😀 ) if you want to:

1. The Gravatar Profile widget which links to our Gravatar Profiles which is our official profile and can be used as a global or universal profile where you can share links to any other online profiles and services et cetera that you use online and want to share publicly in one place.

2. Enabling the Show Follower Count option for the Follow Blog widget to help encourage people to follow your blog and to show the growth of your followers.

3. Use the Top Posts & Pages widget with the Image Grid option enabled to show and help promote your top posts & pages for each day.

4. Use the Recent Comments widget with all Show Comments From options enabled to help encourage people to comment, and to spotlight your most recent comments and commenters.

5. Use the RSS Links widget for those who want to follow your posts and comments by using RSS feeds.

6. Use the Display As Dropdown option for the Categories widget to save space when you have a lot of categories.

7. Use the Show Posts Count option so that people will know how many posts were made each month and the Display As Dropdown option for the Archives widget to save space because your archives will grow every month and it will use up too much space as each month passes.

8. Use the Blog Stats widgets so that you and others can follow the progress of your views.

9. This is very optional, but maybe consider using the Akismet widget to show how much Spam has been blocked and to help promote the Akismet service which is what is used to protect our blogs from Spam.

10. Maybe consider adding an image to your About Page, my suggestion would be to simply use a hot-linked image (instead of uploading an image to the Media Library, you add the image from a link) like a link to your Gravatar Profile image, that way it will automatically change when ever you change your Gravatar Profile image and when people hover the cursor over the image they will see a hover link and hovercard to your Gravatar Profile; here is a link to your Gravatar Profile image in the size 300 x 300 and you can change this size by manually changing the 300 in the link to whatever size (number) you want and that link will be updated to that size:

11. Do not be afraid to preview new free themes every few weeks when they release new ones, they usually announce new themes on the official News blog (website) .

Anyway, those are most of my annoying suggestions for your blog for now. 😉

Yeah, the zombie part at the end of the dream was a bit funny and silly. 😀

Thank you for commenting Sissh. 🙂

-John Jr

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John Jr! What a list! Thanks for taking the time to suggest all this – I really appreciate it. I tend to get a bit overwhelmed with all the options and things to be done so I tend to lean on the simplest theme options. I think I’ll go through each point of your points and see how I like it. Seems simple enough! 😀

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You are welcome Sissh, I forgot to mention that I usually limit how many items show in each widget to save space in the sidebar, you can see an example of this if you look at the widgets in my sidebar. 😉

-John Jr

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