A Council And A School And A Neighborhood

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it involved a council, a school, and a nice two-story house in a nice neighborhood.

I probably never got to see the council directly but I assumed and saw visuals in my mind of the council being made up of three or four or more people (men and women) wearing dress clothes who would often (probably each time that I returned to either the school or the neighborhood) have private meetings in a meeting room behind closed doors, and they would make decisions that effected/affected a school and a neighborhood that I was at during the dream.

Each time in the dream when I was at the school I would be on an upper floor of the school, the council had a meeting room on this floor on a hallway but the door was always closed and probably locked, and I usually would be in a classroom.

Some of my former classmates were in this classroom and class like my former male classmates LT and RB, during one part of the dream the teacher was gone and we were waiting for the bell to ring for the school day to be over, and my former classmate LT started a debate about the council.

He did not like the council or some of their decisions and he was trying to start a protest or something it seemed, many others agreed with some of the things that he was saying, and we all felt that we should be able to see and talk with the council and have some say in their decisions.

The council seemed to pick who their members would be without us being able to vote or know who they were, it seemed that they were often picking new members like they often lost members for some unknown reason(s), and that is probably part of the reason why they had so many meetings is because they had to keep picking new members because they kept losing some.

My former classmate LT was angry and building anger among the students and he wanted us to force our way into the meeting room to confront the council, and him and my former classmate RB got into an argument about this.

My former classmate LT got even angrier and was close to attacking my former classmate RB, my former classmate RB was scared, and so I managed to calm the situation down and this prevented a fight.

I also calmed everyone down enough so that we would try to face the council peacefully so after the bell rang we walked outside the door to the council’s meeting room, and we knocked on the door asking to talk with the council.

The council did not unlock the door or respond probably, this annoyed and angered many of the students, and so I had to help keep them calm.

We decided that we would keep trying to contact the council each day, if that failed then we would try something else, and/or they would try my former classmate LT’s way if the peaceful way failed.

The neighborhood and house parts of the dream took place in a nice neighborhood of two-story houses with some being connected and others being very close together, and they were arranged in a way where they formed their own shared alley and courtyard and yard.

I went to this neighborhood with my family to see a house that was available and maybe somehow free or very low-priced for my family somehow, and it was a nice house that was probably already furnished.

We instantly all liked the house which was way better and had more space than our real house, and so we decided to keep it or buy it and we started moving some of our stuff into the house.

Each time that I returned to the neighborhood and house the council would be having a meeting or finishing one, somehow I would know this even though I did not see them or know where their meeting room was, and some of their rules would probably prevent my family from bringing most of their pets to the new house because of the shared outdoor area and noise rules.

We were not sure what to do about this, I remember continuing to help move stuff, and sometimes I would stop to enjoy the shared outdoor area and look around the house.

It was a nice sunny day and a nice quiet neighborhood, I felt that we were going to really enjoy this new house and neighborhood, but some of the council’s rules would be a problem.

You could not see the council so you could not talk with them so we had no way of communicating with them, we did not get to pick who was on the council, et cetera.

This council was probably the same council at the school, somehow I would know and sense some information about the council, this would just happen magically and even in the dream it made no sense to me how I could know and sense this information magically.

There was more to this dream about the council and more details about this nice neighborhood and house, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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