A School + Game Of Thrones + Pauline Croze = ?

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I think that my dream from last night was one dream that switched between various different parts constantly but I could be wrong, either way I will type them as parts of the same dream, but I will lump the parts together out-of-order based on similar themes.


These parts of the dream took place during various times but I will combine them as one, they all took place during the day at a school with large catwalks that was designed like the D Junior High School so there were various school buildings connected by catwalks, and I was a student there.

Some of my former classmates were there as I went to and from classes, I remember talking with my former male classmate WT, and later I was walking down a catwalk talking with my former classmate RG when I accidentally headbutted him while dodging a fire wasp or whatever they are called (they are orange with black wings).

I apologized to him and I explained how I had dodged a wasp, he was okay, and we continued walking and talking until we separated to go to different buildings for our classes.

I walked into a building that I recognized as a building for the lower grade levels of younger students, I got my schedule out of my book bag to see what class I was supposed to go to, and I did not think that this was the correct building.

I then realized that I graduated from public school many years ago so I was confused by why I seemed to still be in public school, I wondered if this was really a college but that made no sense based on the style and the young students in this building, and so I tried to figure out what was going on but the dream probably jumped to another part of the dream before I could realize that I was dreaming because this dream probably kept jumping around like that.

There were more school parts of the dream and some of them involved the other parts of the dream, Game Of Thrones and Pauline Croze, but I can not remember those parts other than Pauline Croze being mentioned and some of her music and videos being featured in the dream and a group of people (possibly with powers) somehow connected with Game Of Thrones being at the school during one part of the school parts of the dream.

Pauline Croze

The musician Pauline Croze was featured briefly in various parts of the dream in conversations, some of her music was played, some of her videos were played and seen, and more but I can not remember if she directly appeared in the dream or not.

The only part that I can remember now is of me looking for some Pauline Croze videos on YouTube, I found several fictional Pauline Croze videos, and I found one video that was only a few seconds that showed a woman with dark brown hair from behind playing music while sitting at a piano.

The video was terrible quality and the lighting was very dim like it was a concert, the woman seemed to possibly be naked but the quality was so poor and the lightning was so bad that you could not tell, and the video was probably no more than 13 seconds of her maybe somewhat bouncing or moving while playing the piano sitting down on stage.

This was allegedly a Pauline Croze video clip but I did not think that was her, the woman was not as thin and probably had darker colored skin than Pauline Croze, and so I assumed that maybe someone titled the video incorrectly but that is all that I can remember even though I know that there were more examples of Pauline Croze in this dream.

Game Of Thrones

Things and people related to the television series Game Of Thrones were featured in various parts of this dream but like the Pauline Croze parts of the dream I can only barely remember one of the Game Of Thrones parts of the dream besides the one that I mentioned earlier at the school, and these parts of the dream were inspired by me watching the latest episode of Game Of Thrones last night (Spoiler alert for the scene below from last night, which is much sadder watching it now compared to when I watched it last night, last night it was more confusing and slightly unintentionally comedic but also somewhat sad):

The part that I do remember involved several characters and fictional characters from Game Of Thrones including Brienne Of Tarth, Jon Snow, and a fictional male Children Of The Forest (Child Of The Forest) who looked like he was combined with Tyrion Lannister and he was the same height as him but he was not human.

It was night and most of them separated briefly, I remember Brienne Of Tarth (who was wearing her armor and had her sword) telling another woman that she was interested in the male Child Of The Forest/Tyrion Lannister-like man, and the woman told her to go after him and try to find out if he is interested in her as well before another woman gets him so Brienne left after him.

He was inside an inn-like place sitting down on the floor among other people who may have been watching a quiet play or performance and talking et cetera, and a woman who was probably working as a prostitute got behind him trying to seduce him.

He politely said that he was not interested but the woman kept trying to seduce him anyway, she started rubbing softly on his arms, and this triggered a flashback and trance-like state where he was seeing a woman he knew in the past (maybe his wife or girlfriend who I assume is dead now).

In the flashback the woman was doing the same thing to him, this was a positive memory of his so he was lost in this memory enjoying it, but it also brought back feelings of sadness at the loss of this woman.

Brienne walked into the inn happy and ready to talk to him hoping to eventually let him know that she was interested in him, but then she saw the woman rubbing on him from behind so she became angry and shocked and saddened et cetera.

Brienne quickly walked over and grab the woman from behind by the neck in a chokehold and lifted her in the air with one arm telling her to keep her hands to herself, Brienne noticed that everyone was looking at her now, and so she put the woman down feeling embarrassed.

Brienne then tried to recover by telling everyone that Jon Snow was back from the dead and that the White Walkers were going to attack but Jon Snow was building an army to fight them, and she explained how bad the situation was.

This helped her to distract the crowd from what happened earlier but now she felt too embarrassed to talk to the Child Of The Forest / Tyrion Lannister-like man, he was still lost in his memory it seemed, and so she sat down in the back trying to regain the courage to approach him but I woke up.

There was more to each of these parts of the dream and I had more dreams, but that is all that I can remember now.

The end,

-John Jr

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