Thinking About The Sparrows And Faith Militant Situation From Game Of Thrones

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Dream 1

I forgot most of this dream from last night except that part of the dream involved a restaurant, probably a buffet, and maybe I saw my former male classmate JC during the dream.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it involved me thinking about the Sparrows and Faith Militant situation on the latest episode of the television series Game Of Thrones, and the possibilities and my predictions of what might happen next.

The High Sparrow was in the dream a lot and maybe I had some thoughts about The Faith Of The Seven religion, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

I woke up and went back to sleep a lot without voice recording my dreams, and so that is why I can not remember most of my dreams today.

The end,

-John Jr

12 thoughts on “Thinking About The Sparrows And Faith Militant Situation From Game Of Thrones

        1. Thank you for answering that Mmleonard, those were part of two of my dreams from last night, I can not remember the rest of my dreams from last night or the rest of either of those two dreams.

          -John Jr


            1. It is usually a combination of conscious and subconscious and environment and several other factors, for example, I forgot to mention that one of the reasons that I did not remember more of my dreams last night like I usually do is that the last few days I have not really cared consciously (the last few days I have not felt like typing my dreams and it seems like a waste of time) about trying to remember my dreams so my brain put less effort into it; and so I accidentally sabotaged my own dream recall.

              For most people remembering your dreams better usually takes a bit of practice and routine and time and the desire to do so consciously until you somewhat train your subconscious to do it somewhat automatically , I have been blogging my dreams every day for several years now, and that has helped to improve my dream recall beyond average without even trying most of the time.

              Recording what you remember of your dreams each day (I recommend voice recording them with a recording device that you can keep by your bed, I use my MP3 player), sharing your dreams with others and/or reading and/or listening to other people’s dreams, thinking about your dreams, consciously wanting to remember your dreams (literally saying this to yourself while looking in a mirror before going to sleep can actually help, I have used this method to increase my chances to lucid dream, by using this method to remind myself to do reality checks while in a dream to realize that I am dreaming so that I can control the dream) and training your brain to consider them important enough to remember, et cetera are some of the things that helped me.

              -John Jr


            2. I didn’t realize you were the dream afficionado that you are. Is there an end goal to your experiments and recording of your dreams? Like do you think there is a story going in our lives underneath the texture of our lives, or is this to figure out something else, like a recalled past life trying to emerge?

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            3. Those are some good questions that would probably take a while to answer and would make for a pretty boring read. :D

              I am pretty much a blogger without a cause, a dead man walking, the living dead, a shadow-catastrophe, loser, failure, et cetera.

              I actually have never even read a book about dreams except for a kids book that was only a few pages that I read while using the bathroom once, we did not really learn much or anything about dreams in school or college, most people do not seem to care about them so I did not grow up recording them or sharing them much even though I probably had pretty good dream recall as a kid, and my dream recall got worse as I got older because no one cared about dreams really and I did not record them so I stopped trying mostly.

              Years later as an adult after experimenting with social networking failed as I was also blogging I decided to use my blog as a way to communicate with and share things from my real life with people I know, that way anyone could read and comment without an account unlike those walled garden social networks, but that failed as well because no one I knew cared or even bothered to visit my blog et cetera so I started mostly blogging my dreams instead.

              Over time my dream recall started to improve again and blogging my dreams became part of my routine to stay stable and alive and sane, my last online method of communicating with and sharing with others publicly, and maybe my memorial when I die since I really do not have much of anything else to share with the world or to be remembered by so my dreams are something that I can leave behind that will give people an idea of what went on inside my mind and inside my life.

              It is somewhat of a habit now but it could end at any time, I do not really have much of a reason besides those things, and I think that dreams are interesting and often mysterious and you usually do not know what to expect next.

              Dreams and sleep are two of the main reasons that I am still alive so far, I usually rather be in my dreams than in the real world, and I usually feel more like myself in dreams than in the real world.

              It would be nice to unlock some dream and sleep secrets one day to help us learn more about them, for me to learn more about myself, and to use this to somehow help the world and myself.

              My dreams vary but all of those things that you mentioned I have wondered about sometimes, sometimes there seems to be more to dreams (almost like ancestral memories or information, predictions, training, experiments, communication with my subconscious, almost like one or more entities outside yourself have entered your dream and/or you have entered theirs, almost like another life in another dimension, almost like memories of a past life, exploring memories, custom stories, normal dreams about things that I saw or heard or smelled et cetera, and more), and so I am not sure what to think sometimes but clearly it usually just seems to be my mind making up things based on previous data.

              Sometimes my mind uses dreams to try to deal with things that I can not deal with in the real world or to help heal or give relief or to experience things et cetera that I lack in the real world, to prepare (train) and/or test for various possibilities in the real world and in the future, and more.

              Anyway, this is one of the few things that I have left and one of the only standout things about myself, and so I continue blogging even if it makes no sense and even if I do not want to and even if it wastes time et cetera; and partly because I fear what would happen if I stopped since it is now tied to my routine of staying stable and sane and alive and from retreating completely socially online publicly.

              -John Jr

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            4. That is a pretty multifaceted thought process behind dreaming and the motivations to transcribe them for posterity. I think you might not have given blogging a full chance maybe, as it is a very competitive thing I’m finding to really get that human connection we seek by blogging, since I think many of us want to get true exchanges for a better understanding of things, something maybe one step beyond what you can get on FB or Twitter.

              As for the dreams, have you thought about putting them all in a book, or writing short fiction on it? Or maybe write what you think the possible meanings are? You might be surprised what the response would be, if you took time to refine it to certain themes (I’m not sure if there are anything that stands out since you’ve been doing this.)

              It’s rather unfortunate that dreaming is much better for you than living real life, as I believe life is a limited experience that should be embraced. There really isn’t any point to dwelling or trying to change others. We can only be ourselves and people can accept or not accept us.

              I personally started blogging for the fun of it and to help put my self out there, but I basically write whatever I want, without much care for what people think. My blog is an extension of whatever is going on in my life at the moment.

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            5. As for a book the closest thing that I have done so far is have the backup file of my blog converted into a .PDF file for an amateur dream researcher who wanted to use my dreams for his research.

              I have thousands of dreams on this blog and more being added every day, I can not even imagine all of that being turned into a book, especially with my poor writing skills; that would be interesting if it was something that people would be interested in, and if that could be used to make me some income.

              Sometimes when I think that I know what a dream might mean and/or what the inspiration probably was, I add this information to the dream post itself, and so this is something that I already do sometimes; but I do not know much about dream interpreting.

              Thank you Mmleonard for sharing your words of wisdom, and for taking the time to respond.

              -John Jr

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            6. No problem. It is interesting to connect with people of different backgrounds and circumstances. I have not met a dreamer like you before, to the literal word. I think you might be able to get a college professor or something interested if you keep compiling the stories. Especially if they find some link to someone auspicious.

              I’m sure you could write the book too. Just outline a narrative and start cracking out 500 words a day and after 6 months you should have something good.

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            7. It has been nice and interesting to meet you as well.

              That would be nice, especially if my dreams and/or I could be used to help others in some way, and to advance science et cetera; I once emailed a dream researcher that I saw in a PBS video about dreams, but I never got a response. :D

              Thank you for the encouragement Mmleonard. :)

              -John Jr


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