A Corporation Involving Muhammad Ali?

File:Muhammad Ali 1966.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream and my memory of it is so messed up that it does not make much sense, it was probably partly inspired by several tributes that I saw to the professional boxer Muhammad Ali, and all that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place at a school-like building with various buildings connected by catwalks.

I think that a corporation with Muhammad Ali’s name or with his name in it was in the dream, this assumed corporation was connected with Mr. Ali and his family in some way that was mentioned but I can not remember (maybe he and his family started it and/or they worked with it and/or there was some other kind of connection between them like maybe the corporation was made in his honor), and now that Mr. Ali was dead some of his family were still working with or communicating with this assumed corporation.

I think that one of their projects was a new high-speed transportation system that was supposed to be revolutionary and would change transportation forever and it was supposed to be affordable, and maybe this was one of the projects that Mr. Ali and his family had worked on and/or supported et cetera.

They were probably close to unveiling it and so they were probably meeting with Mr. Ali’s family to talk about it at this school-like building, and I was at this school-like building for reasons that I can not remember because I forgot those parts of the dream.

The assumed corporation was possibly also doing other scientific and medical research at this school-like building but I am not sure, something happened to me that I can not remember (maybe I lost consciousness or was put to sleep, but I can not remember) where I remember being in or waking up in a dimly lit nurse’s-like office or medical room at this school-like building, and a nice female nurse or doctor or scientist with white skin was treating and/or prepping (preparing) and/or examining me.

I am not sure if I was sick or injured and/or if this was just a normal checkup and/or if I was a test subject for one of their experiments and/or treatments, I just remember the nurse or doctor wiping and examining me as we talked, and I remember her wiping my face with something to clean me off and I remember her recommending that I make sure to clean all the rheum from my eyes every day.

This part of the dream was so real that I actually did not remember it when I first woke up, I remembered it when I was outside walking when this vivid memory came to me that I almost thought was real at first, and then I realize that it was from my dream from last night.

The female nurse or doctor was very nice and I felt taken care of, I remember saying that I usually clean the rheum from my eyes each day but that today there was probably a bit of it that I probably did not remove because it was too difficult to remove today for some reason, and then I remember her struggling to remove the bit of rheum that I was referring to.

There was more to this dream before and after this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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