Chucky At An Apartment In Germany

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All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day in Germany, I arrived there with at least one other person for some unknown reasons, and we went looking for somewhere to stay for at least a month or more so we found a multi-story building that several German men with white skin were renting out at least one floor of the building as an apartment with several apartment suites with each having three bedrooms for only a bit over $100 for each person in each apartment suite.

The three German men had recently bought and/or remodeled and/or were given part of the building or the entire building to be used as an apartment because they needed money and work because they seemed to possibly be recent college graduates who were possibly jobless, and so they decided that this could be their job and source of income because they could make money easily and consistently and have affordable housing which would benefit others.

We met the three German men and then they let us look at the apartment first while they left somewhere I think, so the other person and I went to look at an apartment suite on an upper floor alone, and the apartment suites were small with a small shared area and then the three separate bedrooms were probably almost larger than the shared area.

Every thing was clean and in good condition with windows for each room and the shared area, the floors probably had carpet except for the bathroom(s) and kitchen and dining room and maybe laundry room (if there was one), and so we were probably going to pay for the suite but we had to wait for the three landlords to return first.

While we waited we went to look inside all three bedrooms, one of the bedrooms had stuff in it like someone lived there so we left this apartment suite to find one that was empty, and we found an empty apartment suite but in one of the bedrooms we found Chucky from the Child’s Play films.

Something happened that I can not remember, we probably fought and killed Chucky and we tied him up to make sure that he could not escape while we searched the other bedrooms, and in another bedroom we found a dead woman with white skin with medium or short length yellow hair with what looked like a gunshot or knife wound on the side of her head with blood.

I think that earlier in the dream we heard some women and people saying that a woman was missing who matched the dead’s woman’s description, so we assumed that the dead woman was the woman they had mentioned, and we assumed that either Chucky had killed her or she had killed herself in a ritual to have her soul (spirit) put in a doll so that she could be like Chucky and with Chucky.

So now there was possibly a killer female doll in the apartment building somewhere so we started investigating this, we possibly brought the tied up Chucky with us to prevent him from escaping, and there was more to this part of the dream that I can not remember.

The last part of the dream jumped to us watching a film and we were inside this film inside the apartment building, but we were going to a different floor that was closed off from the apartment suites.

Some babies went missing several years ago before they were even old enough to speak so we went to this closed off floor of the building to investigate and an unknown girl with white skin joined us who probably lived in this neighborhood and who was probably a German citizen, and inside this creepy floor we found the children who had been babies when they went missing but they were older children now but they could not talk because they never learned to talk.

They seemed a bit wild and could only make sounds as they approached us wildly, the girl with us made a loud noise that caused all the children to bow in fear and submission, and so the children let us pass peacefully as we looked around in confusion.

Someone had kidnapped them years ago and has kept them here so we started searching for this person, there was more to the story that I can not remember and there was more that happened that I can not remember, and at some point we reached a dark part of the building where we heard a male voice who was the person who had kidnapped the children and it was Chucky again.

Chucky was confident and laughing and taunting, he explained what had happened, and we were probably going to go after him and fight him; and maybe we did, and maybe I tied him up again after defeating him but I can not remember.

Chucky probably had help and he probably taunted that there was at least one other person around the area working with him, we needed to find and stop this person as well, and get the children to safety.

There was more that happened and was explained that I can not remember, the situation was more complicated and difficult, and the dream probably jumped between the film and back to the apartment suites from earlier in the dream.

So we probably were watching the film in that same apartment so when the film part of the dream would stop we would still be at the apartment, and so maybe I jumped between both parts of the dream (the film part and the real world part of the dream) trying to finish solving both parts of the dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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