Ryan’s + Amnesia + Kunta Kinte = ?

When I woke up from this dream from last night I had the song Baby Blue by Emilíana Torrini on my mind, maybe I heard it during the dream and/or maybe it is because my former female classmate AV somewhat reminds me of Emilíana Torrini and she was acting like she did not like or care about her job, either way this was a confusing dream so expect it to not make much sense.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it started during the night in the city of D, I had been wanting to eat at Ryan’s Buffet Restaurant again for a while so I decided to drive to Ryan’s before they close for the night, and oddly there was a Ryan’s in the city of D again that was now in the building where N Auto Parts should be so I drove there.

Oddly the cash register was outside in the parking lot near the road, my former female classmate AV was the cashier, and there were several other people in line wanting to eat before they close because they were going to close for the night soon.

My former classmate AV looked like she did not like or care about this job so she was in a negative mood it seemed, I greeted her and probably said a few things to her as I paid for my food, and then the other customers and I walked across the large parking lot to the building.

This building is large in real life but in the dream only part of the building was being used as Ryan’s, maybe the other parts of the building were used for other businesses or were empty, and even more oddly the eating area was very small with only a few tables and a smaller food selection.

I remember getting my food and sitting at a table, I possibly talked with some other people briefly and maybe I went to the bathroom but I can not remember, and at some point it seemed that I blacked-out (lost consciousness) and got amnesia or something like that because I woke up later still at Ryan’s but maybe I was outside in the parking lot near the cash register area and it was now the next day and daytime.

I had no memory of what happened, I just know that I was inside Ryan’s eating and then every thing went black and I could not remember anything after that, and maybe a different female employee was at the cash register this time and some of my former classmates like my former male classmate RM were in line.

I asked them what happened because I had no memory after a certain point, I was told that there were rumors that I had done something very bad but I can not remember what they said, but I assumed that maybe the rumor was that I possibly killed and/or raped someone (probably a woman) or something terrible like that maybe but I can not remember what the rumor was.

I was confused and not sure how that was possible and I knew that I would not do something like that, I was inside Ryan’s before every thing went black and I got amnesia, and I asked how was it possible for me to have done this when I assumed that I was unconscious or something like that.

These were only rumors so they did not know but that is what they heard, I was confused and a bit afraid because I could not remember anything after every thing went black, and now people were treating me like a villain even people who knew that I would not do something like that.

I probably paid to eat again and I went inside Ryan’s, I talked with people inside asking them questions trying to make sense of everything, and at some point I went to use the bathroom and oddly the back area was bigger than the eating area.

I was not sure where the bathroom was so I asked a female employee with white skin with long dark hair who was a former classmate of mine whose name I can not remember, she showed me to the bathroom and she mentioned the rumor that she heard about me, and I told her that as far as I knew that it was not true and that I would not do something like that and I told her about how I blacked-out and got amnesia last night inside their buffet.

She seemed angry like maybe she knew the victim, she did not seem to believe me and she started walking away so I turned to go inside the bathroom, and this is where things become even more confusing and unclear and I remember a tall thin man with white skin about to enter the bathroom like I was him now or like I was watching him or something confusing like that.

The woman turned back around, pulled out a pistol, and shot the man in the side as he and/or I was going into the bathroom causing him and/or I to reach for his and/or my side to stop the bleeding while also pulling out his and/or my own pistol with the other hand.

He and/or I asked her why she shot him and/or me, and then he and/or I ran through the bathroom to escape outside as she shot at him and/or I.

Once outside he and/or I was struggling to walk and stop the bleeding in pain as he and/or I continued fleeing to find a doctor to treat the gunshot wound to save his and/or my life, I remember him and/or I talking out-loud to himself and/or myself to keep himself and/or myself going, and at some point he and/or I reached my parent’s neighborhood and/or found help and/or collapsed and someone called emergency services but I can not remember what happened to him exactly.

The next thing that I remember is a man with dark-brown skin with short black hair who looked somewhat like the character Kunta Kinte from the new History miniseries Roots running into the yard of our neighbor Mr. RD as Mr. RD’s young grandson played in the driveway, and it seemed that this man was an actor in a film that was being film now so he was in character and acting out a scene and probably being filmed without them warning people in our neighborhood first.

He ran into the yard talking out-loud while looking up in the sky and raising his arms like he was talking to one or more deities (maybe Allah) and/or something like that, and I remember him saying that he is Kunta Kinte as he spoke toward the sky.

Mr. RD’s young grandson looked confused and a bit scared because this man playing the character Kunta Kinte was acting a bit crazy and he was confused and not sure who this was, he was close to running to warn his grandfather Mr. RD it seemed but he seemed too shocked and confused to move, and I was watching this from a distance it seemed so maybe I was not in the dream or I was in the dream or back in the dream or myself again or whatever.

Kunta Kinte then ran yelling in joy to the porch of The G House, he then ran inside the house yelling in joy, and this scared my male cousin DE who was inside the house and I heard my cousin DE yelling at him to get out or he would call the police.

I walked in my parent’s yard and then Kunta Kinte ran into our yard yelling in joy and he said something to me that I can not remember, I briefly talked to him, and then he ran away still happy.

Maybe they stopped filming and a man with white skin with brown hair and a brown beard who seemed like the director walked over to Kunta Kinte to tell the actor how he did a good job, and then they left to the next location to film more of their secret film that seemed to be a remake of Roots in our modern time but that was my wild guess.

Next I remember my brother GC and I about to leave in my automobile but The BV was parked in the way or something so I went to park it properly, as I reversed the brakes would not work so I crashed through the fence, and amazingly it was still standing but the caps at the top got knocked off.

I managed to park The BV even though the brakes were still not working, I showed my brother GC how the brakes were not working, and I was now very confused with all the strange things that had happened so far.

We then got into my automobile but something that I can not remember was wrong with it and/or something strange happened, and now I was even more confused and wondering what was going on.

It was like someone was sabotaging things and spreading rumors about me, somehow I had blacked-out and got amnesia, and now these other strange things were happening and now none of the automobiles worked so I could not drive.

I probably wanted to drive somewhere to try to figure out what was going on, maybe I was going to talk to the police about the rumors but I can not remember, and I woke up as I thought about the strangeness as I tried to figure out what was going on and what to do.

The end,

-John Jr

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