A Hospital And A Store And A Pillow Fight

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely got any sleep last night because of anxiety about my job interview that I will be going to this morning and because of a malfunctioning air conditioner in another room that kept beeping and turning on and off randomly while I was trying to sleep.

When I finally did go to sleep I did have one short dream but that got interrupted partly because I kept waking up wondering about the time and/or to look at the time annoyingly and/or my mind (body) just kept waking up to look around on constant alert and not wanting to sleep because of all the anxiety.

Source: Imgur

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that my family and I (except for my brother CC and his family) arrived in another city during the day, we went to a hospital that was connected to a large Walmart-like store because one or more people in my family seemed to have a doctor’s appointment I assume or they needed to see a doctor, and so we waited in a waiting room with other people.

I possibly had a job interview that I needed to be going to that day so I was watching and/or worrying about the time as we waited because I did not want to be late for my job interview, at some point I walked to the window that the front desk area was behind, and a female worker with white skin with brown hair who looked and acted like she did not like or care about her job or the patients was behind the window.

Before I could ask my question she interrupted me and gave me an answer to what she was assuming was my question, she was wrong in her assumption, but because of her bad attitude I did not bother to ask my question and so I just said okay and I walked away.

Maybe my brother TD or KD was called to see the doctor so he walked further into the hospital, shortly after that I did as well because too much time was probably passing so I decided to go walking to find the store area maybe, and as I walked through the hallways of the hospital I reached an area with many old men in the hallways.

I assumed that some or most of them were military veterans who seemed to be living at the hospital and there was not enough space for them so they were living in the halls in this area it seemed, some were on gurney beds and some were in wheelchairs and some were sitting down, and it looked a bit depressing and sad.

They were mostly blocking movement to the hallways that I was trying to reach, I remember one of the men who was an old man with dark brown skin say something to me, and we briefly talked until he probably told me how to reach the other hallways and I continued my journey.

Eventually I reached the Walmart-like store, I remember walking past cash registers with lines of people, and I saw my former male classmate JS standing in one of the lines with his family.

A bit further in the store near a middle front area I saw a seating area with auditorium-style seats with many former classmates of mine sitting in them and standing around them, I stopped to talk with them, and I remember a former female classmate of mine hitting my former female classmate JH in the face with a pillow for fun.

She hit her a bit harder than expected so I remember my former classmate JH responding that it hurt, our other female classmate apologized, and then they both started laughing and people started pillow fighting for fun and smiling and laughing but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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