A Secret Society Of Rich People + Mind Control + Zach Anner = ?

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I forgot a lot of this dream from last night so expect missing details and confusion and now all that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream during maybe the evening there was maybe a fraternity and sorority party at a college, and I was at the college walking outside but  I was not at the party but I could hear it in the distance.

There was a girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife who went to this party, something happened when they got separated, a group of men who seemed to be from a fraternity ended up taking the girlfriend or wife way alone.

The boyfriend or husband went looking for her and I helped him, we found her outside with the group of men, and we confronted the men who had her hostage like maybe they were about to try to force her into a ritual initiation into a secret society and/or fraternity/sorority and/or something like that maybe and/or they were trying to rape her but I can not remember.

It is possible that the girlfriend or wife accidentally caught them doing a ritual or something when she got lost at the party, and so they took her away because she saw what she was not supposed to see so she probably either had to join or die or something like that maybe.

We tried to handle the situation peacefully but that failed so the boyfriend or husband and I had to fight the men trying to save the girlfriend or wife, we were very outnumbered, but I was winning (the boyfriend or husband was struggling and probably got knocked unconscious so I was probably fighting alone) even though some of them probably had mêlée weapons because most of them were probably just rich students without any fighting skills.

While I was busy fighting the men another group of men arrived to help them, they were led by a man who looked like The Fake Mandarin (Trevor Slattery) from the film Iron Man 3, played by the actor Ben Kingsley, and they attacked me from behind when I was winning.

When I turned around to defend myself from the second group one of them immediately hit me in the head with a surgical tool that was designed to crack a skull so that a doctor could operate on the brain, this immediately cracked my skull and I quickly lost consciousness when I hit the ground, and later I woke up in a dark dimly lit probably underground room after being operated on by The Fake Mandarin (Mr. Slattery)-like man who was a scientist for what seemed to be a secret society of mostly rich people (those students who attacked us earlier were also members of this secret society).

I had fought so well earlier that the Mr. Slattery-like man wanted to use me as a guard and soldier for their secret society, that is why they did not kill me, and he had operated on my brain as part of a mind control experiment that he has been working on where he operates on people’s brains doing various things and maybe using implants to try to mind control them to be used as mostly guards and soldiers for their secret society.

The girlfriend and boyfriend had been left alive and taken prisoner as well, they wanted them to join them normally, and so they were not put in the mind control experiment like I was so I assume that they were from rich families and/or something like that.

The top of my skull was probably open so my brain was probably exposed, he made something special to replace the top of my skull so that he could easily open and close my skull as needed as part of his mind control experiments, and I probably saw examples of other people in his mind control experiments.

He would order them to do certain things and run other tests to see how well his mind control procedures had worked, he would operate on your brain more if you showed signs of resistance, and I remember him testing me and it worked when he commanded me to do a few simple tasks but then I resisted other tasks so he put me back to sleep to operate on my brain some more and maybe adjust any possible implants.

I woke up again later and he ran some more tests, he had more success this time but I still resisted some commands, and so he put me back to sleep again.

I remember waking up while he was operating on my brain one time and another time he kept me awake the entire time that he operated on my brain, he did this for a certain reason, and I assumed that his mind control experiments probably involved adjusting physical connections in the brain and removing parts of the brain and adding implants and other techniques.

I knew that I had to escape and help others escape before he eventually completely could control my mind like maybe some of the other test subjects I saw, during a break where I pretended to be unconscious I decided to escape, and so I found the girlfriend and boyfriend and several other people and we escaped this underground facility.

I remember Zach Anner from YouTube being with us at some point, he was in his wheelchair, and we escaped along side a highway during the day that was slightly inspired by the highway to the city of LC.

The secret society send the police after us, I assume they had people inside the police force who were probably paid off, and leading the police search for us was a male police officer with white skin wearing patrolman/pilot/aviator sunglasses and a state trooper-like hat.

At some point the police and the lead police officer were stopping traffic on the highway near us searching vehicles and questioning people, I remember Zach crawling on the ground out of his wheelchair trying to hide, and we decided to split up or we were forced to split up.

I remember walking near where the lead police officer was questioning people in an automobile, he was distracted so I managed to sneak by, and eventually I approached a school playground to talk to an out-of-shape male teenager with white skin with yellow hair who had family in the secret society.

He had information that could help us and he probably did not approve of what the secret society was doing, I approached him outside during their school lunch trying to avoid being seen as we talked, and he shared valuable information with me about the secret society and some of the members in it who were in his family.

Telling me this information was putting his life in danger so I did not stay long because I did not want anyone to notice us talking, I thanked him, and I left with this information hoping to use it to help the others and I.

I needed to find the others, there were some other things I needed to do as well, and I probably wanted to get enough information to probably expose this secret society to try to stop them.

I had to be careful because it was a secret society of rich people and they already had partial mind control over me after the experiments and operations and probably implants that the Mr. Slattery-like man had done to me, we had to have enough proof that people would believe us, and we had to try to avoid letting it be known who leaked this information.

I felt bad for the other test subjects in their mind control test subjects who seemed more like robots now, I also wondered about my own brain and the missing top of my skull that was now covered with the special removable skull top that the Mr. Slattery-like man had made, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


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